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    Sun, sand, sea, and… action! Patch 79 brings with it not only the personal Guardian Training Ground, but also exciting PvP additions with new gear and the tumultuous Shore Hold battleground.
    You can find out what there is to discover in the new patch from 22nd January here!

    Guardian Training Ground

    In this personal mini-dungeon, you can try out your gear:
    • Access via Whurloc in Highwatch
    • Magic stones at the start of the dungeon grant you priest and mystic buffs
    • You can test your combat strength on a single boss monster
    • An indicator counts your damage per second


    New battleground added:
    Shore Hold
    • 7v7 battleground
    • Hunt monsters and capture bases for victory points

    Kumas Royale:
    Combined the two battlegrounds so that characters of all levels can now join the same battleground

    Added uniform gear for the following dungeons:
    • Corsairs’ Stronghold
    • Champions’ Skyring (Solo)
    • Underground Battlepit

    Added merchants:
    • who sell…

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  • Aureli -

    Replied to the thread Bahaar Maske & Amplifier II.

    Das waren die aktuellen Infos zu dem Thema. Für alles weitere gilt, wie bereits mehrfach geschrieben: Ich habe eure Wünsche weitergeleitet. Quote from Aureli: “Nein es gibt diesbezüglich noch keine neuen Infos. Sobald es was dazu gibt, kündigen wir…
  • Momojunketsu -

    Replied to the thread Priest Set.

    Hey, What level are you? If you are not max lvl yet, just follow stories or do dungs, that will drops gears. You can only wear gear that suit to your class. Once you are lvl 65 you will get Twisthard gear, which you can upgrade as your main Gear. As…
  • Tonio -

    Replied to the thread attente bg.

    Bonjour Les BG ont des horaires de proc voici le tableau récapitulatif de ceux ci BGTimersEN.png Cependant il y a une mise a jour aujourd'hui cela est susceptible de changer car il y aura un nouveau bg
  • Om3Ga -

    Replied to the thread Yet another plea for oldschool server (a setup plan?).

    TERA has not enough players for it so stop creating such bullshits threads. Even the biggest games would struggle with classic servers since it splits the playerbase and it would get boring fast so everyone would switch back to the updated game.
  • sati -

    Liked Borsuc’s post in the thread Forwarded Merge Killian and Mystel already..

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    @sati Thanks, I didn't want to bother typing all that up, but that's basically it. For the rest, as a simple experiment, ask yourself when you saw a MMO you hated or talked trash of (Bless?), and heard it has a massive server merge... what was your…
  • Rothy -

    Replied to the thread BuddyUp! Codes.

    BuddyUp Code: Asmi#5709 BuddyUp Code: Inhale.Exhale#1167
  • Shiro -

    Replied to the thread Non transferable item..HELP!.

    Alright, I close this thread then. :elin2: Greetings, Shiro
  • Màyà_GM -

    Liked xLightz’s post in the thread Forwarded Merge Killian and Mystel already..

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    Personally, I just couldn't be bothered to use external tools like discord for something many other MMOs can offer me as a feature - which is cross realm LFG and merges whenever servers are too empty. But then again, those games barely suffer from any…
  • Lizanne -

    Liked Skoza’s post in the thread Bahaar Maske & Amplifier II.

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    Das ist jetzt nen schlechter Witz oder? Das die erwähnten Sachen in diesem Patch sind, hätte ich dir auch vor 3 Monaten sagen können. Wovon hier die Rede war scheint dir aber komplett fremd zu sein, wäre schön wenn wir auch mal nen CoMa hätten…
  • Lizanne -

    Liked tobtheking2’s post in the thread Bahaar Maske & Amplifier II.

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    Außerdem sind die Masken noch 10000000x schlimmer wenn man sich mal etwas mit dem RNG der Stats befasst. Und sorry wenn Ich das jetzt sagen muss aber was hat diese Loot-Änderung bitte mit unserem Vorschlag hier im Thread zutun? :elin18: :elin18: :elin18: :elin18: Wir beschweren…