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    Are you ready for the new Champion Challenges? From Friday, 15th june (10:00 CEST) until Sunday, 17th June (23:59 CEST) you can look forward to new challenges for reaping rewards.

    Event details:

    Mastering a challenge requires you to successfully complete dungeons during the event. You can view your current challenges by clicking on the little Elin button while the event is active. Each time you defeat the final boss of the dungeon, you will make some progress in the respective challenge.

    Antaross' Abyss (HM) - Clear Antaross' Abyss (HM) x times and get the following rewards:
    • 1 clear: 3x Strong bravery potion
    • 3 clears: 100x Elleon's Mark of Valor
    • 5 clears: 1x Smart Dyad Niveot Structure

    Challenge accepted?
    The TERA Team

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WTS +9 axe| +8 chest (Zerk)



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  • Bargg -

    Replied to the thread Low level Isle of Dawn > level 13 weapon skins Fashion coupon.

    Low level weapons look way better for archer, every high level bow skin looks absolutely ridiculous with detached, floating parts, spikes, weird curves, bulky etc.
  • Bargg -

    Liked May_bell’s post in the thread Low level Isle of Dawn > level 13 weapon skins Fashion coupon.

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    Wanted to request if it's possible for gameforge to add more of the low level weapon skins in the fashion coupon. I mean like the level 1 weapon skins> level 13 weapon skins are missing. Personally I quite like the minimalistic look on the lowbie weapon…
  • Valentinyan -

    Liked Lebtejebo’s post in the thread Low level Isle of Dawn > level 13 weapon skins Fashion coupon.

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    Quote from jinh: “Quote from Lebtejebo: “Quote from Acc: “Quote from Lebtejebo: “I cant belive i wasted my time on reading this post.. ” So you go ahead and waste more time by making a pointless comment? ” From all things and all problems we…
  • Valentinyan -

    Liked Bkackr0’s post in the thread Proxy, AAHM helper and stuff.

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    They can`t stop proxy, if Ktera can`t,they can`t to.. so, if ppl don`t stop playing, and don`t stop paying items from shop, nothing will change, they don`t care about proxy users, they care only about money.
  • Catelyn -

    Liked LeviathanX’s post in the thread Wir sind die "Critoholics".

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    Kann bestätigen, ganz gechillte Truppe :)
  • benox -

    Liked Matrixo’s post in the thread Forwarded FW/CS Matchmaking Feedback - The Flaws in Our Stars.

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    Hello everyone, Since Battlegrounds are the only remaining thing to do as a PvP player, side with duels. I would like to provide the following feedback about the problems me and most of the PvP community face in matchmaking in both FW and CS. - FW/CS
  • benox -

    Liked Yoopi’s post in the thread Berserker bugs.

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    • If you get a Cyclone reset on T3, and you use any other skill, you cant use T4 Cyclone anymore. • If you start Charging with Thunderstrike and reach overcharge, you can charge Cyclone with accelerated speed and overcharge ticks. • Unbreakable is…
  • Androxia -

    Replied to the thread Extreme ms schwankungen.

    Nene, den von Vodafone benutzt ich nicht :) Ich werde mich da jetzt immer wieder beschweren, es kann einfach nicht angehen das ich ab 19 Uhr nicht mehr Spielen kann.
  • jinh -

    Replied to the thread new awakening wave inc.

    Quote from Yoopi: “ I would highly appreciate if we remained to the subject, The teaser picture seems to be showing Ninja, Reaper, Gunner, Archer, Valkyrie, Sorc (edited) am I missing something? ” Considering the game has 13 classes, 7 classes were…