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    You asked for it and we are bringing it to you! During 3 days, you will have the chance to get double the amount of loot* in the following dungeons...
    • RK-9 Kennel (Hard)
    • Red Refuge (Hard)
    • Ruinous Manor (Hard)
    • Broken Prison
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor
    • RK-9 Kennel
    • Ruinous Manor
    • Lilith's Keep (Hard)
    • Thaumetal Refinery (Hard)
    Make space in your inventory, gather your allies around you, get in there and rake in those items!

    The Double Drop Event will be active from Friday, May 25th (05:00 CEST) until Monday, May 28th (05:00 CEST).

    *Only affects normal loot - does not increase additional regional loot.

    The TERA Team

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Warri broken xD



Get one shot by mystic



Pinned Verantwortung für den Shop - Lieber Atmorph



Nerf RMHM HP????!



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  • Zancara -

    Replied to the thread WTS WTS CRIT UNDERWEAR +24 (MYSTEL).

    Thread closed as requested via report. ~Zancara
  • Noyn -

    Replied to the thread Warri broken xD.

    Wenns nur neue Skills betrifft tippe ich einfach mal auf nen Mod?
  • Princezna.Pandia -

    Posted the thread Warri broken xD.

    Also das der Warri broken ist hatte ich gehört, aber das er so broken ist :D Spass beiseite.... Mein Warri ist kaputt ?( Es geht um folgendes, dass ich meine eigene Skill Animation von Awakening SKills nicht sehe. Ich sehe sie aber bei anderen Kriegern. Mal…
  • Nayru -

    Liked s3ren1ty’s post in the thread Upcoming Dreadspire Problems.

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    They removed KR Chocolates for Dreadspire, maybe they also consider removing CAP for our Version. I would actually welcome this and then we can see up to what Level EU Groups can clear without CAP and talents.
  • Nayru -

    Replied to the thread Get one shot by mystic.

    It's been said in the awakening thread as well but sorcerer can walk on water too. Maybe it's about time the pve and pvp skills are balanced separately already (if balanced at all). Anyways I can't wait to fight the classes that can use awakening perks…
  • zpeter1993 -

    Replied to the thread Verantwortung für den Shop - Lieber Atmorph.

    Oh also kann man nicht alles direkt holen ? ... Dann brauch ich ja erstmal keine TT zu holen Btw das war ein Wink mit dem Zaunpfahl ;D
  • tobtheking2 -

    Replied to the thread Nerf RMHM HP????!.

  • Nayru -

    Liked Lightningstrike’s post in the thread Get one shot by mystic.

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    Quote from Uhrzeiger23: “And still.. who cares about PvP? ” If you do not care about pvp what are you even doing here? This is a pvp thread, or do you get 1 shoot by mystic in dungeons as well?
  • Nayru -

    Liked Okami’s post in the thread List of bugs/issues with the new awakening system.

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    why no one talk about sorc and mystic teleporting on water and using skills on it
  • Nayru -

    Liked Kraxler’s post in the thread Get one shot by mystic.

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    Quote from OneTwoThree: “Why did you get slept? if you get slept of course you deserve to be 1 shot. ” Because it's easy to dodge a sleep while you are infight against 2 other hard CC people and you obviously save your iframe for the sleep ... i mean…