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    What's that rustling in the bushes? Why it's the Easter bunny with Easter eggs for every adventurer in his bag. Open the eggs and with a bit of luck you might find an IM39 Hexapleonic Weapon Skin or one of the new Fortune Skills!

    Event Overview:
    Note: the Fortune Skills Vakna & Somno are not currently present in the game. They will be added to the Oneiric Shop (for Dreamer’s Tokens) on 10th April.

    Fortune Skill: Vakna & Somno

    The Fortune Skill: Mighty Vakna and Mighty Somno grant the following effects:
    • Restores 1% of your max MP and HP every second.
    • You also learn the passive skill "Phantasmic Talon" and active skill "Dreamreader".
      • Phantasmic Talon: Uses the powers of a dream bird to have a set chance of increasing crit power against monsters by 50%.
      • Dreamreader: Grants you a random buff. The skill can be activated once every 24 hours.
        • Superior Noctenium Elixir
        • Melsa's Triple Feast
        • Lamb Bulgogi
        • Bravery Potion

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    Its just funny how big IQ person is reacting to us mongols xD Good job Not.Eliannah aka @Eliannah Say NO to CAP in fw! Btw i say that someone should react for this racism for second time right @Noyn?
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    @Eliannah Or better say Not.Eliannah or msybe even better Banned.Eliannah.. When will Codex go inactive again? No proper chalenge? Nooooo U just get fucked because u spam some sort of classes which are OP like now then those classes become trashes and…
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    Quote from Eliannah: “I'm gonna start believing that you guys are typing my name wrong on purpose, people can't be that retarded. ” Doubt someone is bothering to remember this retarted name