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    After Killian and Thulsa transformed the god Sikander into the uncontrollable enemy Kelsaik, he was supposed to stay locked up in Kelsaik's Nest forever. But now he is threatening to break out of his prison!
    Manahan unsettled the world over Christmas, and Desolarus haunted the Forsaken Island in February.
    Now, Kelsaik will be causing you trouble as EU-specific content between Easter and May! Get ready! From 22nd March, you'll be able to enter the 10-player instance Kelsaik's Raid again.

    • Teleportal in Lorcada – Vale of Spires
    • For 10-player raids
    • Two entries per player per day
    • Can be entered using the teleportal or group matching
    • Playable on three freely selectable difficulties

    Three Difficulties

    A new system gives you the freedom to choose the level of difficulty: enter the dungeon and decide as a group whether you want to take on Kelsaik in normal, hard or extreme mode.

    Normal Mode
    • Designed for the majority of TERA players – should be playable with Frostmetal equipment.

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  • Kendo -

    Replied to the thread Kelsaik Nest failforge.

    Ich konnt meinen Augen nicht trauen als ich den Loot sah..... für eine solche Instanz ist es einfach nur miserabel. Von der Instanz her wird es aufjedenfall Abwechslung sein, dennoch wird es nicht der gleiche Kelsi sein wie damals (wohl eher leichter,…
  • Daianyra -

    Replied to the thread PVP - Totes Land oder wiedererweckbar.

    Nein, haben sie nicht ^^
  • Lebtejebo -

    Replied to the thread Nerf RMHM HP????!.

    Quote from Unborn: “Quote from Kapt: “For trash dungeons with appropriately low reward, we already have GG, RG and what not. ” Quote from Lebtejebo: “Well i think that thread can be closed, with success! Thank you guys :) ” DO NOT CLOSE YET... I want…
  • Sârdai -

    Replied to the thread PVP - Totes Land oder wiedererweckbar.

    Quote from 5yron: “Quote from Sârdai: “Naja man könnte bei Korsa auch mit dem gleichen Gear auch einfach jedem PVP Kristalle geben. ” Finde ich nicht sinnvoll weil nicht alle Klassen die gleichen Kristalle benutzen und somit wird man auf…
  • Eliannah -

    Replied to the thread FW CAP.

    Ayyyy, you guys are getting roasted by a Mystel player with common sense. Matrixo you need to get some of your facts straight. You can't blame us for having more active, dedicated players than you. Everyday the number of your accounts in the guild…
  • Not.Darkfire -

    Replied to the thread FW CAP.

    Quote from Matrixo: “Those guilds who monopolize most of the geared Lancers in the server. Those who has most of the geared Healers in the server. Those who think Number of Guild Members = Number of those who participate in CU. ” As I said atm there…
  • Glacial` -

    Replied to the thread Crystallized snow explosion can be traded?.

    I was looking for ways to obtain one too... that's too bad, I would really like to buy one... v_v
  • Greensheep -

    Replied to the thread Kelsaik Nest failforge.

    Loot ist nicht die Antwort auf guten content. Kelsaik (schlachtgruppe) war damals eine spannende Instanz die nur sehr selten ggf der 20er so gut wie nie gespielt wurden. Jetzt bekommt man die chance diese instanz wiederzusehen und das auch nur in…
  • Deflay -

    Replied to the thread FW CAP.

    Quote from Matrixo: “Quote from Deflay: “if nobody used it then roku prob wouldnt use it either. ” Roukujou fan boi detected! Do you really think he will not do it? You can always find excuses to clarify your actions! I said it before, the…
  • Màyà_GM -

    Liked Athena’s post in the thread Maintenance Maintenance & Kelsaik’s Raid rewards - 22.03.2018.

    Like (Post)
    We will be carrying out server maintenance on 22/03/2018, starting at 09:00 CET. The maintenance period is expected to end at approximately 13:00 CET. – Changes – 1. EVENT: Kelsaik’s Raid & rewards: - We will activate the “Kelsaik's Raid” Event - More