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    It's almost time: clear the ring for patch 66! From early March, you'll be able to head into battle as a male brawler. Additionally, new battlefield rankings and a variety of character customization options await you.

    The male brawler

    From the patch date, you will also be able to create male human characters in the existing brawler class. Like when the gunner became playable for Elins, it won't initially be possible to switch from an existing female character to a male one.

    For all fans of this combative class, we're launching the League of Levelers event, where you'll be able to get your hands on some useful gear as usual.

    New rankings

    With the launch of patch 66, three battlegrounds will have rankings so that you can see how you compare with other players.
    • Champions' Skyring (Team)
    • Fraywind Canyon
    • Corsairs' Stronghold
    Each season lasts 4 weeks. The rankings will be reset on every 4th Thursday. During a season, you can view your overall ranking for each battleground or directly…

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  • Stella-Chan -

    Liked Hypie’s post in the thread Talentsystem?.

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    Gibt es dazu denn mittlerweile eine neue Aussage?! Das Awakeningsystem wird ja auf das Talentsystem aufbauen und wenn wir das Talentsystem wird es nen ziemlicher Trap.
  • exiled92 -

    Replied to the thread FW Match Making in 2018.

    Normally there are max 3 premades in q for fw if you even put limits for them it gonna die. simple.
  • Kuroe -

    Replied to the thread Stormcry Market - (+7/+8) Parts.

    Up ´n Updated.
  • Kingdom.Shield -

    Replied to the thread Lancer Slaying Lancer..

    can i have your lancer slaying set up?,i tried the one in attachment but i reach the 90.3 reduction (without poisedly and resolutely) and with them the max i can get is 99.7(2p/2r).
  • Matrixo -

    Replied to the thread FW Match Making in 2018.

    Quote from exiled92: “@Matrixo So since there are already few priests in pvp we should even let them quit the game plus you were with 1 premade + soloq against 2 premades + soloq. We can't even get enough matches as premades, those adjustment gonna kill…
  • Matrixo -

    Liked Rokujou’s post in the thread FW Match Making in 2018.

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    Actually even healers should be fixed since 3 mystics can't do anything against 2 priests and 1 mystic for example. I read many good ideas, but all pretty impossible imo just because there are not enough people queuing fraywind and all this thread…
  • ethan0879 -

    Posted the thread Lagging all the time.....

    Is there any way to solve lag issues? It is insane because sometimes it gets 1000ms. I tried the windows defender trick and the registry trick but they did not work... When does it come from this lag? From tera o steam??? Btw, is there any way to…
  • Chloe -

    Replied to the thread DD LF Stamm.

    Auf Wunsch geschlossen.
  • Kapooooom -

    Posted the thread Suchen/Bauen Stamm.

    Hy Wir sind zwei spieler die progress orientiert sind. Wir suchen leute die nicht direkt nach ein paar versuchen aufgeben sondern mit biss durchziehen auch wenns mal nicht so gut läuft. zu uns: DD Slayer Sir.Warrior (W:Stormcry +6 rest+5) Heal Myst…
  • Kraxler -

    Replied to the thread Talisman System.

    So why should i care for people with avg luck? Does the world resolve around them? You can make a strawpoll. Add them to the LAUNCHER (where everybody see it) and let them vote. if the majority want no RNG but higher cost then it's their opinion. If…