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    Dear players and fans,

    we are planning to launch 24/7 streaming on Steam. We strongly believe this can be put into reality with your help. The base of every game is the community and Steam is a huge audience where you can present your favorite game. Show the world how you master the challenges, share your expertise and help others to discover TERA.

    You are streaming in English, play the Steam version and you are interested to take part in this? Great, here are some details we like to know if you contact us:
    • Which days of the week and time frames would be possible for you to stream?
    • Which country and time zone will you be streaming from?
    Please send us a link to your channel together with your message in English to streaming@tera-europe.com and we well get in touch with you right away!

    Best regards,

    The TERA Team

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  • Trappiez -

    Replied to the thread Automatically hide UI during battle.

    Yeah, I forwarded it now, and brought it to attention. I hope that it'll get fixed soon. I'll post an update, if it gets fixed soon!
  • The Pitchgod -

    Posted the thread Ring Amplifier I.

    Is the ring amplifier I supposed to give +1 endurance instead of power/crit like earring's does?
  • lady.kill -

    Liked Denroc’s post in the thread TERA Neueinsteiger sucht BuddyUp Code & Deutsche Gilde :-).

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    Also aus meiner Erfahrung und meinem Empfinden nach sind DD's das was immer gesucht wird. Macht auch Sinn da müssen nämlich 3 Positionen in der Gruppe besetzt werden. Tank und Heiler sind irgendwie immer da.
  • Miriad -

    Replied to the thread Automatically hide UI during battle.

    Quote from Trappiez: “I just checked, and you guys say, the option is not there anymore. I will forward this, and ask for a solution, since this is a feature I use a lot myself. Thanks for bringing this to attention. ” I did bring this to attention…
  • Rafera -

    Liked sati’s post in the thread New UI SUX.

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    Another new great feature: In Kumas Royale (I know, best pvp bg in this game*) there is no more visible bosses HP bars like it used to be. Basically the party needs to coop (aka your mama player says his/her %, while other raid members mention enemy…
  • Rafera -

    Liked Ijsbreker’s post in the thread New UI SUX.

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    Assuming I didn't miss some toggle option, the new, improved UI includes the following "features": Red quests NPCs don't show up on the compass. When picking up items, it doesn't tell you what it is you are about to pick up. Party mana bars are…
  • HellMilitia -

    Replied to the thread Tera new iframe.

    Best about Archer wind walk is that itself cancels everything but windwalk has an animation lock so u cant iframe instant after it.
  • LeviathanX -

    Replied to the thread Tera new iframe.

    Warrior tank needs it to block too. So, it is not iframe only use. Though backstab is an iframe that needs no RE and DFA restores it.