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    It’s time to save Christmas! Some of Lakan’s evil minions have used his nefarious illusion magic and transformed themselves into fat little Santas. Now these phonies are running amok, spreading out across the lands and stealing presents from the children of all races and creeds. Find and hunt down these sham Santas before they cause any more havoc!

    As if that weren’t bad enough, these scoundrels are obviously planning something big… they’ve got hordes of combat items stashed away in a few big treasure chests. In each chest you’ll find 10x [Event] Ancient Wyvern Bones which can be exchanged for superb rewards.

    Go hunting Santas on these weekends:

    Friday, 7th December, 12:00 PM – Monday, 10th December, 12:00 PM

    • Fey Forest
    • Oblivion Woods
    • Tuwangi Mire
    • Valley of Titans
    • Celestial Hills
    Friday, 14th December, 12:00 PM – Monday 17th December, 12:00 PM

    • Blessing Basin
    • Essenian Crest
    • Blightwood
    • Timeless Woods
    Friday, 21st December, 12:00 PM – Monday, 24th December, 12:00 PM


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  • Finero -

    Replied to the thread Santa Event Feedback.

    they said, they're already working on a change for the next weekend they're also trying to improve the desert event, but that might take a bit longer due to the testing ='D how that's gonna look like, i can't really tell let's just hope it's less hits,…
  • Om3Ga -

    Replied to the thread Neuer KR Content 20.12.2018 Max Lv.70.

    Was laberst du für einen Sch*iß zusammen? Diejenigen die richtig gut sind, wollten das Talent System garnicht. Ich hoffe du redest nicht von PvE, denn dann machst du dich lächerlich mit dem "die guten Spieler wollten das System" Argument. PvE kann…
  • Om3Ga -

    Replied to the thread Some very interesting news(for once).

    I complain? You are the one that complains. Funny to see people losing an argument and then trying to put their own words in other peoples mouths. Especially when everyone can clearly see what you have written in this topic so far.
  • eutri -

    Replied to the thread Event issues already.

    Quote from Cheresha: “How is the advert calendar good? Oh 8slots for my inventory exactly what I needed xd ” yeah, everyone has their inventory maxed on every character, and it's not like we just got hit with a patch that clogs your backpack with…
  • Athena -

    Liked kichakicha’s post in the thread Patched [UI Improvement Sugesstion] Cooldown Timers on the Effects Icons.

    Like (Post)
    Quote from Zancara: “Hello! I think that now is much better!! What do you think? ~Zancara ” I am super glad this issue is resolved. Many thanks. :elin37:
  • Trod -

    Replied to the thread HEALER’S DISCORD.

  • Trod -

    Liked kichakicha’s post in the thread Patched [UI Improvement Sugesstion] Cooldown Timers on the Effects Icons.

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    Hey folks, First of all, i am sorry if this has already been proposed before, but i have a suggestion with regards to the Effects Icons. At the current state, their cooldown timers are extremely clunky and very hard to read. I propose to simplify it…
  • Shalltêar -

    Replied to the thread Desert of Batu.

    Dieses Event ist auch eher für die mittlere Spieler Schaft ausgelegt für den Rest die bahaar laufen ist es nicht lukrativ wobei Cash Shop Box macht's weg. Aber gear technisch kommt man nicht weiter. Zu dem Loot ja der ist Shit kann aber dafür immer…
  • Shalltêar -

    Replied to the thread Mangelhafte Informationspolitk seitens GameForge.

    Dann sollte direkt im Tera discord die vollständigen Patch notes bekannt gegeben werden. Dann brauchen die COmas im Forum noch weniger zu machen als was sie schon tun.
  • kichakicha -

    Liked senita456’s post in the thread Wrong Patch Notes.

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