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    Dear players and fans,

    we are planning to launch 24/7 streaming on Steam. We strongly believe this can be put into reality with your help. The base of every game is the community and Steam is a huge audience where you can present your favorite game. Show the world how you master the challenges, share your expertise and help others to discover TERA.

    You are streaming in English, play the Steam version and you are interested to take part in this? Great, here are some details we like to know if you contact us:
    • Which days of the week and time frames would be possible for you to stream?
    • Which country and time zone will you be streaming from?
    Please send us a link to your channel together with your message in English to streaming@tera-europe.com and we well get in touch with you right away!

    Best regards,

    The TERA Team

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TERA Neueinsteiger sucht BuddyUp Code & Deutsche Gilde :-)



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  • Eliannah -

    Replied to the thread Cheated GoLSHM Rankings.

    I hope @Cheresha 's comment will get edited by a mod, because he's calling out names. Which is apparently against the ToS, since many people got their messages censored for calling out specific names. @Shiro @Athena @lady.kill @Zancara your time to…
  • Enjoymaker -

    Replied to the thread Cheated GoLSHM Rankings.

    Talking loud some names wont give shit. I can say here that u ure using it too even if it might be not true. Give videos and report pls .. I can say same about a lot of ur ppl and actually we have videos / screenshots etc. Some of them got banned even…
  • senita456 -

    Liked Hr1s7i’s post in the thread New UI SUX.

    Like (Post)
    Quote from Om3Ga: “Main bar + 1 extra skill bar should be more than enough for every class, even for PvE. ” ''Should'' and ''are'' aren't even in the same universe. There are people who used a bunch for a veeery long time. Also messing with the…
  • Pikashuu -

    Replied to the thread Questions Regarding Server transfer and LF guild.

    I am currently test running by levelling an alt there. If i find an active set of players who dont tilt while teaching, ill transfer my deeps over
  • Cheresha -

    Replied to the thread Cheated GoLSHM Rankings.

    Quote from Enjoymaker: “Funny ure still using imagined excuses. We have tons of proofs for ur guildies using proxy but u have shit for us. Facts saying the most. ” Allysa, mercinarius, kolyada going underground during fights and let's not talk about…
  • Denroc -

    Replied to the thread Can't claim my Fire Demon's Tome.

    If you want to claim this book, you have to do a vanguard mission once per day.
  • Architector -

    Posted the thread Can't claim my Fire Demon's Tome.

    Hello everyone ^^, (sorry for my bad english, I'm French) I create this thread because I cant claim my event rewards, the button is grey (screenshot)board.tera.gameforge.com/index…a2c6ccf7fe25765503e58c7aa Yesterday, I noticed the same thing, and after…
  • Denroc -

    Replied to the thread TERA Neueinsteiger sucht BuddyUp Code & Deutsche Gilde :-).

    Also aus meiner Erfahrung und meinem Empfinden nach sind DD's das was immer gesucht wird. Macht auch Sinn da müssen nämlich 3 Positionen in der Gruppe besetzt werden. Tank und Heiler sind irgendwie immer da.
  • Kasea -

    Wrote a comment on Aureli’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    well hello there cutie :smirk: mind telling me the source for that profile picture? UwU
  • Babbelsim -

    Replied to the thread BuddyUp! Codes.

    ~BuddyUp Mystel~ Babbel#1088 (0/3) Babbellin#8623 (2/3) Babbelballs#7952 (0/3)