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Schlachtfeldevent - Beginn



Nach Patch 72 Banyakas Kisten verbugged


Effective ways of farming pilot tokens?



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liberation scrool removed from GG/another economy unbalance



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  • WildWerner -

    Replied to the thread Schlachtfeldevent - Beginn.

    Ok, wenn keine Antworten kommen, dann sage ich Euch den Grund des Posts: Viele laufen Korsa am Sa und So wegen der 5. Belohnungskiste der Föderation. Beginn lt. Homepage 14:00 Uhr. Laßt Euch bitte davon nicht täuschen. Denn ich bin am Samstag Korsa…
  • WildWerner -

    Posted the thread Nach Patch 72 Banyakas Kisten verbugged.

    Es wurden Items in den Banyakas Kisten geändert. Darunter wurde der Kunsthandwerkstrank hinzugefügt. Der erscheint zwar in der Meldung, wird aber nicht ins Inventar gelegt. Was auch kein Wunder ist, denn ganz unten beim Trank ist zu lesen: "Die…
  • Denroc -

    Replied to the thread Effective ways of farming pilot tokens?.

    And 5 per character if you complete the main Quest
  • Cake214234 -

    Posted the thread Effective ways of farming pilot tokens?.

    Seems like you can only get 3 from vanguard and 1 from a mission if it completes
  • Mr.Brownstone -

    Liked Capusta’s post in the thread Talent System and CA.

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    +1 To the idea of not including CA in rankings. Would also add that CA should be disabled for battlegrounds because just disabling pvp rankings won't work in a fair way (for ths non ca players who match with and or against ca players) but i guess that is…
  • blueflamingo -

    Replied to the thread liberation scrool removed from GG/another economy unbalance.

    Quote from Capusta: “Quote from Xilokz: “Quote from blueflamingo: “actually scrap that, just give everyone some sort of admin powers so they can just spawn whatever they want in i mean, its not like this game is meant to be an mmorpg right? :lol: also…
  • Miriad -

    Replied to the thread Temple Run Achievement not happening in Dragonfall.

    Yeap, poping around for a while with the flying mount did the job. It took me about a couple of minutes. Thanks.
  • Hotasduck -

    Replied to the thread lol you removed the green glow from mystic augmentation.

  • Hotasduck -

    Liked Ulith’s post in the thread 2 second gunner pit.

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    Quote from Smith: “Let's not use this language in the forum please. ” friendo if you're obsessed with someone to the point where you make up stuff to accuse him of, then you're far more than just an idiot, if anything you should thank me for being…