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use bug en GvG


pr trash

GameForge when you will do something about PROXY & HACK in your game ?



archer's Sniper's Eye


WTB Stormcry LANCER Gear



What Petrax's second shield phase is supposed to do?



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  • As long as people don't start rant and quit the game they won't do anything... I really hope these hacker will hack TT and or other important things .. maybe GF wil react then ... Or atleast give an official statement if it's allowed/ tolerated what…
  • GameForge when you will do something about PROXY & HACK in your game ? - MemeSlashing (Valk & Sorc, One Shot everythings /everyone)(5 min for 5 Stars instance) - Proxy Cleric Module (Auto regen your HP near cleric when your HP is under 30%) (Can be…
  • pr trash -

    Replied to the thread use bug en GvG.

    on scroirait IRL ! 2 justices certains se font ban pour anti jeu et provocation (et moins que ça) alors que d'autre non , ou ban 1jour... ba quand tout le monde aura compris, ça fera un jeu remplis d'anti jeu et de provocation correct
  • pr trash -

    Liked antopoitiers’s post in the thread use bug en GvG.

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    Bonjour , j ai vu qu une guilde avait ete ban pour "use bug" en gvg dimanche dernier , mais ce que je ne comprends pas c est pourquoi la sanction a ete levee , cela aurait servi d exemple et ca aurait incite les joueurs a ne pas recommencer les dimanches…
  • Kraxler -

    Replied to the thread GameForge when you will do something about PROXY & HACK in your game ?.

    @White many games just ban you for using simple VPN or Pingbooster. I don't play with 30ms i play usually with 80 (rarely) to 120 - 150ms. Do i complain or say this game isn't playable? Either i accept that i live in a small village and adapt or i quit.…
  • pr trash -

    Liked Sirgoulas’s post in the thread How do you farm your gold actually?.

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    When you have to pay 500-1000euro/half a year (in this patch) OR farm like a Chinese farmer that gets paid 1-2 dollar per day then the world "micro" is not only off the mark but seems hypocritical. When TT prices in 3 months increase by 150% it shows…
  • White -

    Replied to the thread GameForge when you will do something about PROXY & HACK in your game ?.

    Quote from Kraxler: “Show me one (action)game where you can play with 170+ ms without any disadvantage against player with low ping. answer: There is no game. If u have bad ping you always have a disadvantage. ” so, if there is a disadvantage that…
  • Zayu -

    Liked Enjoymaker’s post in the thread Valk nerf in pvp ??!?!!?.

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    Quote from Sershaw: “Quote from Kraxler: “wow they can't pull some many people now but they dmg is still overloaded. hurr durr. ” At least now Valks wont be doing better giga leashes than a fking lancer.Now they just need to nerf the healing from…
  • White -

    Posted the thread archer's Sniper's Eye.

    why is it a skill? i could understand warrior's stance he got defense and attack stances to change from mystic buffs aswell but this is just one skill that u always gotta use and if you forgot it you're screwed, so why not just make it a passive buff as…
  • Marliku -

    Liked Sicheln’s post in the thread Reaper LF Stamm.

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    Reaper sucht wieder eine Stamm, leider mit aktuell seltsamen Zeiten. (Was sich noch eine ganze Weile so halten wird!) Arbeitszeiten wie folgt: 20:00 - 04:00 (von 12 bis 19 Uhr am PC) 04:00 - 12:00 (von 12 bis 21 oder 19 bis 3 Uhr am PC je nach…