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    Listen up, all you hardworking collectors! From Tuesday, 16th October 2018, you can collect letters and convert them into fantastic rewards!


    Between 16th October and 6th November 2018 (5 am), every player who logs into TERA will receive the following item after completing a Vanguard Initiative Quest: [Event] Veteran Fire Demon's Tome. This item can be opened by right-clicking and contains one of 18 letters at random.

    The Veteran Fire Demon's Tome can also be earned as loot in dungeons:
    • Tuesday, 16th October (10 AM) to Tuesday, 6th November 2018 (5 AM)
      • Dark Reach Citadel
      • Dark Reach Citadel (Hard)
      • Grotto of Lost Souls
      • Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard)
    You can also pick up tradeable versions of the [Event] Fire Demon's Tome item in the TERA Shop, containing the same letters.


    From the Vanguard merchants you can buy various different runestones, which can be used to convert specific combinations of letters into a reward.
    Ten copies of the same letter can also be…

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  • Bargg -

    Replied to the thread New UI SUX.

    Is there ANYTHING that was actually improved with this UI? Honestly after days of using it I can't find anything except arguably borders of shortcut trays are more visually appealing, and tiny performance boost but can't even swear on that one. Lots of…
  • Uhrzeiger23 -

    Liked Soeasy’s post in the thread Accountaufösung.

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  • Soeasy -

    Replied to the thread Accountaufösung.

  • Yridrel -

    Replied to a comment by PizzaWarrior on Yridrel’s wall.

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    Thanks :D I love Rem *-*
  • Miriad -

    Replied to the thread New UI SUX.

    Quote from Ijsbreker: “ Parcel post keeps showing I have unread mail. Even if I have no mail at all. Oh, and that + in the middle of my screen is lovely. Yes, I know I didn't learn all skills. No, I'm not going to spend the gold. Get that thing off my…
  • Ijsbreker -

    Replied to the thread New UI SUX.

    Assuming I didn't miss some toggle option, the new, improved UI includes the following "features": Red quests NPCs don't show up on the compass. When picking up items, it doesn't tell you what it is you are about to pick up. Party mana bars are…
  • Miriad -

    Replied to the thread New UI SUX.

    Yes i made a post about kumas royale right the day of the patch. Its old news already. Before the patch kumas royale was a waste of time, or probably only useful for XP, now, nobody plays it. Of course. Or if they do, and they lost the first round, they…
  • ThePenguinSockpuppet -

    Replied to the thread Shop and boxes.

    While its a small sample size, this is a rough idea of the odds... A - 0.00% - 0 B - 0.00% - 0 C - 1.87% - 14 D - 2.80% - 21 E - 3.87% - 29 F - 7.60% - 57 G - 0.27% - 2 H - 1.20% - 9 I - 4.67% - 35 J…
  • Miriad -

    Replied to the thread (Constructive) Feedback about the last patch..

    Quote from Eliannah: “2 emergency maintenances since the patch has been released, i guess it says enough. ” And yet, the most important things are still ignored. Sad, really sad.