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About PvP zones.


Crafting and production points



WTB VM9 +15 Zerk Weapon



Le mot et sa suite !



Instance Matching gone wrong



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  • Mickal -

    Posted the thread About PvP zones..

    Hi, i tried to go for a "hunt" after a long time doing pve (probably w me ending dead) but i noticed the whole val oryin area is a safe zone, i met a few lvl65 guys and tried to pvp but it was impossible (bcs?). I also tried other areas but since they…
  • Torasu -

    Replied to the thread Crafting and production points.

    Crafting was given a purpose again with KTERA's current patch but right now in other regions it's somewhat worthless. Stay tuned for more info on the forums.
  • Andrea -

    Replied to the thread Crafting and production points.

    Thread moved to a more appropriate section.
  • Andrea -

    Replied to the thread WTB WTB VM9 +15 Zerk Weapon.

    Thread closed as requested. :elin29:
  • Enjoymaker -

    Liked Torasu’s post in the thread Which Class would fit my playstyle?.

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    Quote from Glacial`: “Warrior - Hard to use, even harder to master. ” What... This is not 2013. How hard is to use 2-3 skills then press scythe button?
  • miss.sojin -

    Liked Shade’s post in the thread Improving VSHM Loot.

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    Quote from Kraxler: “You people dont get it. VM Materials are fcking useless after u finished. SO what is the point running the dungeon after u finished vm9. Are u that stupid? ” It is pointless to explain this to trolls. You can explain it 1000…
  • miss.sojin -

    Liked Scottia’s post in the thread Improving VSHM Loot.

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    Quote from LeviathanX: “Some representive entities of EU community have become way too greedy in the past months in my opinion. All they do is demand and demand "because the game is wasting their time"... Most of the demanded items are tradable, most…
  • lady.kill -

    Liked Shin’s post in the thread Art Commissions | On Hiatus.

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    done with the next one! added my wishlist on the main post btw :elin37: board.tera.gameforge.com/index…87c105e96ae685d8f50c27c00
  • Devildusty -

    Replied to the thread Le mot et sa suite !.

    Tricheur > Script
  • lady.kill -

    Replied to a comment by fanyfireeu on lady.kill’s wall.

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