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Tera meme



K Tera neue Frisuren



Why is this event not working?



Ungrateful community.



Vol avec abyssombre



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  • Hypie -

    Replied to the thread Tera meme.

    Ich sehe den Grund, das das in "Konstruktives Feedback und Wünsche" ist nicht. @Kyreli kannst du das mal in den richtigen Bereich verschieben? (am ehesten Communitybereich, da es sinnlos oder so nicht gibt xD)
  • Rafera -

    Liked ethan0879’s post in the thread Event for gameforge : Letters, You pay us for nothing..

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    In events, p2w must not exist... so why do you call this an event?? Even for p2w people is difficult to get all the letters. Another point is their drops in the dungeons. Today I realized that it is not a group loot... why? Previous events, the droped…
  • Chacytay -

    Replied to the thread K Tera neue Frisuren.

    Quote from Kraxler: “ Hier ein Coupon. Du bekommst zufällig 1 der X neuen Skills der Klassen. ” Gib GF nicht noch Tipps wie sie uns noch besser das Geld aus der Tasche ziehen könnten x_x
  • Shippou5 -

    Replied to the thread Why is this event not working?.

    How many more days?
  • Kapt -

    Replied to the thread Ungrateful community..

    Well if you consider the fact that gold income has been tripled, I say it would be cheaper now to but a +9 item straight up from a newbie point of view. I doubt +9 weapon would cost more than a 2 millions now. Vm9 weapon cost around 1.5 millions. So not…
  • Haredhël -

    Replied to the thread Vol avec abyssombre.

    Hello, Essayes d'appuyer sur "Shift". ;)
  • Kirito1 -

    Replied to the thread rare glyphs.

    are you really suggesting now that we get nothing? cuz that's what I see.. you want this why would you get it.. I want something else as well lets not both get anything... make a your own topic ask for sc if you want.. also.. don't compare stormcry to…
  • modi3 -

    Replied to the thread rare glyphs.

    farming high tier bams gives 36 tokens/day, with 180 you can get 1 glyph, so 1 char can get 1 glyph per 6 days Also going to frostmetal is 70k gold at best, is that farm that i'm suggesting a lot ? :love:
  • Sirgoulas -

    Liked Nayru’s post in the thread Ungrateful community..

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    Quote from Noobia: “Here I'd like to ask why are SO many (like 80%) of you ungrateful? ” Leaving aside the past situation (enchanting, bam drops, events, long list goes in here) which you already got other users comenting on and focusing on the…
  • Kirito1 -

    Replied to the thread rare glyphs.

    I'm not in guardian all of them on frostmetal at least.. and if you can please tell me how that can be achieved with 6 days of farming IOD I'd be grateful to you.. edit.. I don't pvp a lot, but my reaper is only for pvp and I like pvp on it,, but still…