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Memory size



How do you finish 1500 quests?



Vergos Brosche (Harrowhold)






How 2 Kriegertank



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  • Sunflare -

    Replied to the thread Memory size.

    What do you mean nothing happens? Is there an error message in red under the password field? Does it accept your login details? If it does and the client doesn't start, then you might not have installed the game properly.
  • Vayus -

    Replied to the thread How do you finish 1500 quests?.

    Quote from Falmer: “Not anymore. I opened a thread regarding this topic when they got removed but when I now search for it nothing comes up. Nice forum update. @Vayus can you please explain why you would delete a thread discussing the removal of…
  • Alumio -

    Replied to the thread Vergos Brosche (Harrowhold).

    Ich bin, wie viele vor mir, auch der Meinung, dass man die Brosche für 100 Marken in den Behemoth Shop setzen sollte. 100 ist eine angemessene Zahl, wenn man bedenkt, dass man pro Raid nur 4-5 Marken erhält. Ist halt echt schon traurig, wenn man am…
  • Kyumaru -

    Replied to the thread How do you finish 1500 quests?.

    Wait... so my Loremaster Title is actually not achievable anymore? Sweet ~ well... at least now you can see who was an achievement tryhard before they removed those quests ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Soeasy -

    Replied to the thread Vergos Brosche (Harrowhold).

    Bin dagegen da ich bereits 3 Broschen besitze und durch diese Änderung all meine harte Arbeit, die ich in den Raid gesteckt habe(Würfeln ist auch arbeit, wie rendern ohne dregg) umsonst gewesen wäre. Ansonsten wäre ich für einen spezial Erfolg als…
  • Bargg -

    Replied to the thread Spellbinds.

    You can't get perfect stats before masterworking, because masterwork chance is not 100% (unless you use a noble enigmatic scroll but it's usually not worth it, especially not for low-medium tier equipment) and you would end up using thousands, even tens…
  • Tai_Tera -

    Replied to the thread Vergos Brosche (Harrowhold).

    finde es immer wieder nice 2 read, dass manche leute nur das lesen, was sie wollen :rolleyes: ich würd vielleicht mal aufhören, irgendwelche sachen in aussagen reinzuinterpretieren, die da gar nicht stehen. ich find lediglich, dass es ein stage 4 only drop sein…
  • Borsuc -

    Replied to the thread How do you finish 1500 quests?.

    Quote from Shippou5: “That is pretty bad” This time I can't blame BHS, they didn't even think such an unbelievably pointless thing can be an issue. There's plenty of times they don't think of consequences for their actions, but this time I can understand…
  • Zagros98 -

    Replied to the thread Memory size.

    I pressed the repair button, it repaired, now i can press the play button but after i completed email/pass and press log in nothing happen..
  • lostforever -

    Posted the thread Spellbinds.

    I got all my Guile equipment to +12 after spending a fortune on alkahest and master enigmatic scrolls. Now I need to get the perfect roll on these and for that I need master enigmatic scrolls and spellbinds! The mistake I have made is that I should have…