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WTS VM9 +15 Valkyrie weapon


İS tera becoming P2W?



PS4 / Xbox One Version - gemeinsame Server?






Problem with weapon look



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  • Moaz -

    Posted the thread WTS VM9 +15 Valkyrie weapon.

    Selling my VM9 +15 Valkyrie weapon as you will see in the screen shot, The stats are rolled for PVE 2% masterwork and energetic etchings 4. I am accepting offers of gold or enchanting material. Feel free to message me your offer on forum or by mail in…
  • chatbot -

    Replied to the thread İS tera becoming P2W?.

    1.Emblems,memento,seal of undying flame via shop/latter event. non tradable. 2.Speed potion(10 combat speed) only via latter event and you need A/B. non tradable. This is the definition of p2w exclusive buffs that you cant have unless you pay. p.s. in…
  • Arlos -

    Replied to the thread PS4 / Xbox One Version - gemeinsame Server?.

    Also Tera für Konsole kommt nur im Nordamerikanischen Raum und in Europa bislang gar nicht. Also Fragen bezüglich der Konsolen Version gehören ins En Masse Forum.
  • Transcendant -

    Replied to the thread IoD BAM's.

    Personally IOD wise, I run dual slaying gunners and a reg brawler. And find that yes brawler is one of the quickest and safest ways of farming IODs without much issue. But I've always been one to run IODs in slaying (considering it's literally impossible…
  • Zeldo -

    Replied to the thread Problem with weapon look.

    They actually fixed it, nice
  • Vayus -

    Replied to the thread Not enough space installing game.

    Glad to read your problem was solved. Thread closed.
  • Sirgoulas -

    Replied to the thread Not enough space installing game.

    Thanks. I had to borrow an hdd. You can close thread
  • Phanthon -

    Liked Borsuc’s post in the thread İS tera becoming P2W?.

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    Quote from Om3Ga: “You can't have a personal opinion on the term "p2w" because it has just one meaning. And the meaning of p2w is still the first and original meaning of p2w. Not your new invented ones.” Maybe you should look in the mirror since you…
  • miss.sojin -

    Replied to the thread Dear Atmorph, here is your Shop-Feedback :).

    Any1 know if the mounts + costumes on new "Epic starter Chest" are trade-able?
  • AsunaNiechan -

    Replied to the thread Gilde "Goldener Wolf" sucht DDs!!!.

    Wir sind noch auf der Suche !!!