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Thursday, May 10th 2012, 8:13am

Lancer [GUIDE]

-What is aggro?
-Gear Stats
-Keybinds & UI
-Factions & Reputation


Hey everyone! I am Danto from the server Essenia and this is my Lancer class guide. For now I will focus more on the PVE aspect of things but I will do my best to include some PVP as well. Also I will keep the guide updated through time. Lastly I would recommend everyone to take some time and read everything in this guide since there are many Tips & Tricks scattered all over the place.
First of all I do not claim to be the best or anything of that sort, but I do think that I have some decent knowledge of the class and it's mechanics and thus I would like to share what I know with all of you.
The Lancer class is one of the two tanking classes in Tera along with the Warrior class. It's main feature is the ability to block attacks and thus take very little damage or none at all. Compared to the Warrior the Lancer will do less damage overall but to compensate that it has more group utility features. Just like for the Warrior Tank our main focus will be to take as less damage as possible and to always keep aggro on the boss, so let's see how we do that now.

What is aggro?
( What is threat?..Tank do more aggro!..More aggro!.. Save us! )

I mentioned before the term “aggro” and I think it's fair to explain for the newer players what that is. First of all “aggro” is the condition in which a designated mob or group of mobs is attacking a designated player, which we call the “Tank”. The Tank must keep aggro on the mob by creating “threat” on him. To create threat the Tank must use his “high threat” abilities, these abilities deal a lot lower damage compared to a DPS but on the other hand they create very high threat.
In Tera the aggro mechanism doesn't work like in other MMOs from the past. What I mean by that is that the aggro works around a ''TPS'' ( Threat per Second) mechanism. This type of mechanism makes it so that you have to constantly build up threat in order to keep aggro; basically your TPS has to be higher then the DPS' TPS and therefore this means that a Tank doesn't have room for slacking during a fight.

Let's see a few aggro numbers on some different spells and get an idea for ourselves. These numbers are not definite for NA or EU, but this is what we have from KTera. These numbers might be incorrect, but we can get an idea from them.

-Combo Attack (5% extra threat from glyph):
1st hit 3,000 (3,150)
2nd hit 4,000 (4,200)
3rd hit 5,000 (5,250)

-Shield Barrage:

-Spring Attack:

-Challenging Shout (20% extra threat from glyph):
105,000 (126,000)

1,400 x 13


-Shield Counter (100% extra from glyph):
30,000 (60,000) per hit


-Master's Leash:


Ok, the first test for all you new Lancers will be choosing the Race. There are a few Races better suited for Tanking in the “endgame” and some are better looking depending on the personal taste so let's try to find something suited for all of you. First of all let's have a look at the racials provided by each race:


-Kaiator's Drums: Any aman of sufficient level can teleport at will to Kaiator, their home city. 1 hour cooldown.
-Last Aman Standing: Amani are tough, and can stiffen themselves against knockdowns or knockouts. 1 hour cooldown.
-No Stranger to Pain: More amani toughness. When their health is low, damage resistance kicks in. Passive.
-Blood of Dragons: Did we mention amani are tough? All Amani have increased resistance to damage-over-time effects.
-Prospector: Amani are masters of metal. They're faster when gathering ore than other races.

-Velik's Horn: Any elin of sufficient level can teleport at will to Velika, the federation's capital. 1 hour cooldown.
-Soothing Presence: If they move slowly and carefully, elins can sneak by monsters. 1 hour cooldown.
-Horizon Run: Elins hate to waste time, and can speed up their movement out of combat. 30 minute cooldown.
-Botanist: Their tight connection to nature helps elins to gather plant resources faster than other races.
-Friendly Current: Elins are at home in water, and faster than other races.


-Kaiator's Drums: Any castanic of sufficient level can teleport at will to Kaiator, with its great forges. 1 hour cooldown.
-Skirmish Running: An enraged castanic can sacrifice some stability for greater combat speed. 30 minute cooldown.
-Dirty Fighting: Castanics fight to win. When attacking from behind, they have a greater chance to critically hit. Passive.
-Weaponforging: When crafting metal weapons, castanic passion cuts the work time significantly.
-Light Landing: Always lithe and graceful, castanics take much less damage from falls than other races.


-Core's Resonance: Any high elf of sufficient level can teleport at will to Allemantheia, their home city. 1 hour cooldown.
-Core Infusion: Elves can draw on their connection to the Core to completely refill their mana. 2 hour cooldown.
-Resilience of Mind: Elven mental focus means they regenerate some mana whenever they resurrect. Passive.
-Coalescence: Elves have a special touch for alchemical essences, and can gather them faster than other races.


-Velik's Horn: Any human of sufficient level can teleport at will to their home city, Velika. 1 hour cooldown.
-Deft Footwork: Humans are survivors. When pressed, they're very hard to knock down or paralyze. 1 hour cooldown.
-Indomitable Spirit: When fighting other players, humans take less damage when they're low on health. Passive.
-Resilience of Body: It's tough to keep a human down. When resurrected, they regenerate health.
-Nomadic Crafter: Speed's vital when you live on the road. Humans are fast when crafting light armor.


-Core's Resonance: Any baraka of sufficient level can teleport at will to Allemantheia, the high elves' city of knowledge and learning. 1 hour cooldown.
-Ancient Wellspring: Baraka retain some of the giants' ancient power. They can use that bygone magic to replenish all their health. 2 hour cooldown.
-Indefatigable: Baraka are built sturdily, like their ancestors. Their stamina never falls below 20%, even if they die. Passive.
-Gather No Moss: Stopping a baraka is like holding back an avalanche. Baraka have a 10% bonus to resist binding or paralyzing effects. Passive.
-Time-Lost Techniques: Baraka recall many little tricks from the ancient Holy Empire, and can craft magic weapons 10% faster.


-Velik's Horn: Any popori of sufficient level can teleport at will to Velika, the federation's capital. 1 hour cooldown.
-Soothing Presence: If they move slowly and carefully, poporis can sneak by monsters. 1 hour cooldown.
-Horizon Run: Poporis hate to waste time, and can speed up their movement out of combat. 30 minute cooldown.
-Botanist: Heightened senses help poporis to gather plant resources faster than other races.
-Friendly Current: Poporis love to swim, and are faster in the water than other races.

Ok, now that we got all this new information about all the races we should start deciding which one we should pick! If you are the “hardcore” type of player that wants the best racials for endgame then you should pick Aman for PVE or Human for PVP and I think the reason seems pretty obvious once you read the racials. If you aren't interested in the “hardcore” part of the game then just choose what you like the most! This is a game after all so just play something you would enjoy.


1 - Combo Attack: A series of strikes that escalate in damage and charge up your mana.
This ability is just a combo of 3 normal attacks that don't do much damage but will restore your mana by a bit. At level 60 I didn't find that I need to use it much or even at all.
No recommended glyphs.

1 - Stand Fast: Block frontal attacks with your shield for as long as you hold down the key. Better gear blocks more damage. Allies behind you also get damage reduction.
This ability is our most important ability throughout the whole game, it really sets us apart from all other classes. We can block and thus prevent high chunks of damage with this ability and I cannot encourage enough all of you to learn your way around it. First of all you will have to learn a Boss' attack pattern and therefore his attack animations ( what I mean is that the boss will always have a specific animation for each of his attacks ), once you have learned the pattern you can start working your way to prevent as much damage as possible to yourself and at the same time manage to keep aggro throughout the whole fight. Now, you need to understand that blocking as much as possible will actually help you aggro thanks to the Shield Counter ability, which we will see later, but also you will have to use other abilities as well and thus you need to learn how to time your block and your attacks. You should also know that your block will absorb up to a certain amount of maximum damage from one single hit, after which you will suffer damage and risk a knockback. The damage absorbed through Stand Fast is converted in a mana loss, so as long as you have mana you can block forever. Lastly you have to remember that once you have used your Block ability you will have a CD ( cooldown ) before you can use it again, so you have to take care not to spam your block key or to release it too fast ( keep in mind you will block as long as the key is pressed ).
Recommended glyphs: Glyph of Influence and Glyph of Powerlink.

2 - Shield Barrage: Move forward, battering targets with your shield. Repeat the attack for a chance to stun them.
This ability is overall very useful in many occasions. The chance to stun is very nice on Boss fights to give you and your group a few moments to recover during a fight. Make sure to have time to use it twice. The fact that you move forward while using it comes in handy when you are tanking groups of mobs because you can position yourself while keeping aggro. Keep in mind that after using this ability twice in a row you get a nice speed buff on Spring Attack, which we will see next, and this will give you a very nice aggro boost.
No recommended glyphs.

4 - Spring Attack: Leap at your foe and strike a hard blow. You can quickly launch this skill right after Shield Bash, Shield Barrage, or the fourth consecutive hit of Combo Attack.
This is overall our highest damage ability. Make sure to use it only when you get the speed buff for it. You can get that buff either from 3 consecutive Combo Attacks or from 2 consecutive Shield Barrages. As our highest damage ability it deals a good amount of threat, so make sure to use it as much as you can when the Boss isn't hitting you.
Recommended glyphs: Glyph of Power.

6 - Shield Bash: Briefly stun one or more foes.
There is not much to explain here. It's a very useful ability in many occasions. For Boss fights I try to use it every time it's off CD or save it for when the Boss is about to use a special ability ( you can stop a Boss' special ability by stunning him and a Lancer has 5 stuns so make sure to do your job ). While clearing trash ( the term "trash" is intended for those groups of mobs in a dungeon that you meet between Bosses ) I like to pull with Leash or Chained Leash and then stun everything in order to position my self and to stack those mobs up so that it will make it easier for the DPS to do their job.
Recommended glyphs: Glyph of Energy.

8 - Charging Lunge: Charge a short distance and impale your target.
This is our charge ability, overall used more for moving around then for it's actual damage. During Boss fights it comes in handy when you have to move fast for certain mechanics of the fight, while for trash clearing it's mostly used to get out of that group of mobs ( when charging you will be able to move through the wall of mobs surrounding you and thus position yourself once again in a safe spot ) if trapped in, which can happen a lot.
No recommended glyphs.

12 - Retaliate: Leap to your feet while attacking your target if you're knocked down.
This is an ability that every class has, it will get you on your feet when you get knocked down and also it will do some decent damage in a small area around you. It comes in very handy on Boss fights if you fail and get knocked down, but try to avoid that situation as the CD for this ability is long enough to let you die during a fight. Same thing applies for trash clearing.
No recommended glyphs.

14 - Second Wind: Instantly replenish some of your health.
This is our self heal ability, it has 1min CD and it doesn't really heal that much. Overall in dungeons you won't use it much unless for those "Oh £%&!" moments when you're really low HP ( Hit Points - Amount of Health you have ). Before using this ability I would recommend using Iron Will first, which we will see later.
No recommended glyphs.

18 - Challenging Shout: Draw the attention of enemies nearby, as well as some aggro.
This is our "Taunt" ( stands for provoking and forcing enemies into attacking you ) ability. The CD is only 8 seconds , but try not to waste it that much. While using this ability you are exposed to full attacks and to knock downs so make sure to be safe while casting it ( the cast time is roughly 1 second ), I would recommend using Iron Will before this ability. Usually I use it to pull a Boss or a trash pack, it gives me a good amount of aggro at the start and it forces for a short time the target to attack me and thus helps me to start off in my aggro battle against the DPS. Remember to use this ability if you lose aggro to one of the DPS and make sure to stay in range of the Boss while using it. Challenging Shout is used in the pull mechanism just to grab aggro on the Boss until you reach your tanking position, once you reach your position you will have to use Leash so that you keep having aggro on the Boss before starting your attack/block pattern.
No recommended glyphs.

20 - Onslaught: Rush your foe in a series of lunges. While lunging, you're steadier on your feet and take half damage.
This ability has the highest amount of power of all our skills. If glyphed properly it can be our highest damage ability. There is a small chance of knocking back your target with Onslaught, even a Boss. To maximize it's DPS potential I recommend glyphing with Glyph of Acceleration in Shield Bash and the other 2 glyphs listed here below. Now, to put this in action you always want to first use Shield Bash and then Onslaught so that your target will be locked in place for your full attack animation and for the speed increase buff from the glyph. In general try not to use this ability without stunning the target first since you risk to not hit anything if the target is mobile. Onslaught deals less aggro than Spring Attack.
Recommended glyphs: Glyph of Power and Glyph of Carving.

22 - Guardian Shout: Your courage massively boosts your party's endurance. Does not apply to you, and ends if you are knocked down.
This is one of our group utility abilities and I have to say this is an awesome one as well! It increases the Defensive stats of the party members in it's range by 91%. The tricky part with this ability is to have everyone in it's range, so communication with your group is highly required here. I always suggest the DPS from my groups to stay close to me when they aggro since I can either buff ( this term stands for granting a magical effect to someone that will somehow help him for a certain duration of time ) them with this ability or take aggro back with Challenging Shout. This ability will have many useful contributions during Boss fights so don't forget to use it if you think it's needed!
No recommended glyphs.

26 - Shield Counter: Gain a chance to shield-thump your foe while using the Stand Fast skill. You can't be knocked down or immobilized, and take half damage while using the skill.
Ah, finally our true aggro ability! First of all I want to say this: glyph this ability! Do it at all costs! Ok so you can use this ability after blocking an attack, this will help you with those Boss attack patterns I was talking about earlier, meaning that you need learn the attack animations of a Boss and then manage to block them every single time. You want to block as much as you can and then counter block after each successful defense. Keep in mind that you take 50% less damage while using this ability so spam it as much as you can while clearing trash, while on Boss fights use it only after an attack ( they hit hard even for that 50% damage reduction ).
Recommended glyphs: Glyph of Threat.

26 - Leash: Throw a magical hook and chain that drags an enemy toward you. Won't work on huge opponents.
Here we go, one of the most fun and useful abilities we got in our arsenal. First of all I want to say that this ability does a lot of aggro, especially if chained with Master Leash, so save it during Boss fights to take aggro back from a DPS. Also I personally like to use this ability when I pull Bosses after my Challenging Shout, this will guarantee me aggro on the Boss for quite some time at the start. Now, I mentioned before that you can interrupt a Boss' special ability by stunning him, well here Leash comes in! If you recognize the animation of that specific special attack then immediately use Leash in this case or one of the other stuns we have if this one is on CD. By doing so you prevent damage and general chaos caused by that special ability, also it will make you look cool with your group. On trash packs I like to use it to pull caster mobs to me and in range of all my DPS and make the clearing faster. Keep in mind you have to be very precise with this ability when aiming it.
Recommended glyphs: Glyph of Dexterity.

28 - Debilitate: Briefly drain the endurance of your foes. Stacks up to three times.
By using this ability your DPS will love you forever. Basically Debilitate will decrease your target's Endurance by 9% ( when stacked 3 times - used 3 times ).By decreasing a target's Endurance you will boost your DPS' damage by quite a lot so make sure to keep it up full time. Debilitate is a debuff that will last for a certain amount of time on the target which is 12 seconds. I strongly recommend glyphing this ability and thus increase it's duration to 30 seconds, it will feel less stressful to keep it up on a boss during the whole fight and it will guarantee you 100% uptime.
Recommended glyphs: Glyph of Lingering.

32 - Menacing Wave: Blast a wave that slows the movement and attacks of nearby enemies.
This is actually quite a useful ability to have. I like to use it on Bosses when they enrage and get stunned ( I wait for the stun to take place and then use this ability ) as it reduces attack speed by 30% and thus decrease in general the damage output of the Boss. Otherwise I didn't find a need for it elsewhere in dungeons at the moment, but I have to say that 30% decrease speed is really nice on an enraged boss.
No recommended glyphs.

36 - Iron Will: You absorb damage through sheer willpower, consuming mana to soak damage.
This is probably our most OP ( Overpowered ) abilities. Again I recommend glyphing this ability for both duration and damage reduction. Overall very useful, it allows you some freedom from blocking and doing instead other things like taunting, moving, doing some damage for some extra aggro. The damage absorb is quite a decent amount so try to keep it up as much as possible and especially when you get a DOT on you ( damage over time - an ability that will constantly do damage on you for a certain amount of time ). I also found that while leveling this ability allowed me to have no downtime whatsoever from killing mobs. Also I recommend using this ability before every trash pull since it will give you some time to actually get aggro on all the mobs and not take too much damage while doing it. Also sometimes a Boss could hit extra hard, meaning that your block wouldn't be enough, so having the shield up would be a very pleasant plus to have.
Recommended glyphs: Glyph of Lingering and Glyph of Resolution.

42 - Master's Leash: Throw another hook to pull the target nearer. You can use this skill only after using Leash.
This ability is the same as Leash, just with a longer CD and it's only usable as chain skill after Leash. I find that the combo Leash - Master Leash does very high amounts of threat and comes in handy when I lose aggro to DPS since it has a longer range than Challenging Shout and also a faster animation. For trash packs comes in handy to help you keep everything stacked up and make the DPS' life easier.
Recommended glyphs: Glyph of Persistence.

46 - Lockdown Blow: Deliver a crippling attack, hampering your target's movement.
This ability is more of a PVP ability, it does a quite decent amount of damage and it also slow movement speed by 30% so you can see here it's PVP function. Sometimes I like to use on trash packs to keep aggro or to slow those random running mobs that annoy me or so very much. Otherwise there is no real purpose for this ability during a Boss fight as you will always have something better than it like for example Debilitate or Shield Barrage which can stun.
Recommended glyphs: Glyph of Power and Glyph of Threat.

50 - Infuriate: Infuriate all nearby monsters and max out your aggro.
This ability is our true Taunt ability since it will give us maximum threat on the target. Keep in mind that this ability will also enrage the target, so you need to be extra careful with blocking afterwards. The CD for Infuriate is 5 minutes so try to not waste it, in fact if you keep a good communication if your group and especially your DPS then you can time it with their extra damage CDs, what I mean is that if you enrage the Boss on purpose he will take extra damage from the DPS, so if you do that and the DPS use their CDs to do extra damage then you will have a massive burst on the Boss. It comes in very handy for those DPS-race fights, but you need good communication with your group to make it work. Also I recommend having the Boss stun before using Infuriate since it has a cast time and it exposes you to knock backs and full damage from the Boss.
No recommended glyphs.

56 - Pledge of Protection: Absorb damage done to other group members around you taking it on yourself. Your defense determines how much damage you take.
This is probably our best group utility spell. You will absorb 35% of their damage taken if they are within 20m of you. Make sure here as well to keep some good communication with your group and have them stand close to you when using this ability. I found this very very useful for many Boss fights where there is extra AOE ( are of effect - meaning damage in a big area usually marked on the floor by a red circle ) damage or just Adds ( those type of mobs that appear as extra during a Boss fight ) attacking someone else different than you.
No recommended glyphs.

58 - Adrenaline Rush: Speed up your attacks to move in for the kill.
This is our extra damage CD, it will increase our attack speed by 15% for 20 seconds. It's a pretty good ability but I didn't use it that much yet during Boss fights since usually I use my attack timings to either keep up Debilitate or try my luck with a stun from Shield Barrage. You have to understand that those attack timings are enough for 1 attack and 1 only, so if you cast this you will not have time for an attack at least until after the next block, but then again you will still only be able to use 1 attack so there is no real point to use it in first place. The only time I found it useful was when a Boss would get knocked down, at that point I would have enough time to cast this ability and throw in a few fast attacks, but that's about it. You could however use it before pulling and have some extra speed at the start and thus pump in some more damage/threat.
No recommended glyphs.

60 - Chained Leash: Throw a chain around the target within 15m and pull upto 6 enemies within 15m together in a tight group. Chained Leash also stuns the target.

And here it is! Our brand new level 60 ability ( brand new because Tera actually was a max level 58 in Korea for about 1 year and what we have now here in EU/US is an expansion ). This ability somehow works like Leash except for a few major differences. First of all it does not pull the target to you, but instead it stuns it in place, then it will pull up to 6 enemies to that target and keeping them in place for a few instants. This ability is really awesome for clearing trash since you can stack a group up and then stun it even more with Shield Bash thus increasing the DPS output of your DPS.
Recommended glyphs: Glyph of Energy.

Ok now that we know all this information about our spells and how they work let's see how we can best enhance these abilities and help us more for what we need to do.


Glyphs are very important in Tera and they make quite a big difference so it's important to choose them carefully.

Here is an example of the build I use at the moment for tanking in dungeons.

It's important to know that glyphs work around an individual's playstyle, but here are a few key glyphs that you can't miss in order to do your job correctly. For example :

-Glyph of Threat: Provides 100% additional aggro on Shield Counter.
-Glyph of Lingering: Increase effect duration by 50%: Iron Will.
-Glyph of Warding: Increases damage absorbed by 25%: Iron Will.
-Glyph of Lingering: Increases effect duration by 100% on Debilitate.

Ok so now that we got our key glyphs for tanking it's time to move on to crystals.


First of all there are 3 types of crystals, 1 for the weapon ( Red crystals ), 1 for armor ( Blue crystals ) and 1 for rings/trinkets ( Green crystals ). Every type has it's own purpose, for example the red ones enhance your combat effectiveness while the blue ones enhance your defensive effectiveness. Now you have to know that when you die you will lose a crystal with a small chance of actually not losing it, so for now I would recommend to use common crystals which you can buy from a vendor for the first dungeons since they are new and many wipes will await you. The Green crystals can be obtained from Reputation vendors and each Reputation Faction has a specific type of crystals. The Green crystals we need can be farmed from the Valsekyr Hunt.
Note that at level 60 the crystals are really powerful ( crystals are actually level 58 ) and they make a very big difference so it's important that you do them right.
For tanking dungeons use the following Red, Green and Blue Crystals :

-Red: 3 x Brilliant Crux and 1 x Threatening Crux. Obviously if you have the "Fine" version ( the "Fine" version is a rare and better type which drops from dungeons ) you can use that.
The reason behind my weapon crystal picks is pretty simple and obvious, the Threatening one grants me extra threat while the Brilliant ones increase my mana regen drastically and therefore allow me to have more uptime without having to use my Combo Attack. If your group uses the Infused Charm buff then you might want to instead go for: 1 x Threatening Crux, 2 x Mutinous Crux ( Inflicts an additional 7.8% damage to boss monsters ) and 1 x Focus Crux ( Your attacks do an additional +1.56 times critical damage against enraged monsters ) or if you have you could use 1 x Threatening Crux, 1 x Mutinous Crux, 1 x Focus Crux and 1 x Carving Crux ( Increases your Crit chance ). You might need to use Combo Attack sometimes to keep up your mana tho.

-Blue: 4 x Anarchic Crux for Boss fights and 4 x Stalwart Crux for trash clearing. Obviously if you have the "Fine" version ( the "Fine" version is a rare and better type which drops from dungeons ) you can use that.
For armor crystals pick as much damage reduction as possible against either Boss or Normal Monster. These crystals will also effect your Pledge of Protection spell and thus reduce the damage you take from it.

-Green: 4 x Grounding Zyrk ( Adds 2 Endurance ). Obviously if you can then buy the "Pristine" version which adds 4 Endurance instead.
Endurance reduces damage taken overall so the more the better, especially for Hard Modes where Bosses hit like a truck. You can obtain these crystal by farming Reputation with the Hyderad Legacy faction.

Gear Stats

Gearing up in Tera is a very important aspect for both PVE and PVP, but getting the gear is not enough. In Tera once obtained the highest level of gear ( Enigmatic ) you will have to identify it. By identifying a piece of gear you give it some random stats, 1 that is free and then others 3 that you can activate by enchanting that piece of gear. In order to identify gear you will need to buy an "Identification Scroll" from a common merchant. After using the scroll you will get 4 random stats. These stats are random and therefore they might not be good at all for you so at that point you will have to use an "Enigmatic Scroll" to reset the piece of gear back to "Enigmatic". Continue using these 2 scrolls until you get the stats desired, which we will discuss now for Lancers.

Here is a picture that will help you understand better the different types of enchants available.

- 2 x You attack draw more aggro
- 2 x Increase your attack speed
The reason for these stats is pretty obvious, but I just want to point out that 2 x Increase attack speed is amazing and makes a huge difference for Hard Modes. I strongly suggest going with this setup instead of 3 x Aggro and only 1 x Attack speed since you can stack more Threatening crystals if really needed instead of wasting that important speed.

Chest Armour
- 3 x Damage from Boss monsters decreased
- 1 x Increase HP restoration
Again the reason for this setup is pretty obvious, 13,5% total damage reduction from Boss monsters is really good for Hard Modes since you have to keep in mind that their attacks go beyond your Stand Fast. The 1 x HP restoration will basically increase healing received and that comes in pretty handy when heals received go for like at least 20k from a Priest.

- 2 x Your attacks draw more aggro
Simple an obvious choice. Going for Power or extra Crit will not benefit your overall aggro as much as this setup. Very recommended to get.

- 2 x Increase Endurance
Endurance will directly increase your Defense rating and thus reduce damage taken overall. Very recommended to get.

- 1 x Increase Attack Speed
As I already stated speed is very important for Hard Modes and thus this stat becomes mandatory for us. Very recommended to get.

- 2 x Increase weakening effects on opponents
This stat proved a better DPS increase overall for you and your teammates than 2 x Crit or 2 x Crit Power if you keep Debilitate up on the Boss 100% of the time.

2 x Increase HP restoration
Again this proved overall better than the other choices we had. We get 8,6% extra healing received.

You will have to pray many times a day to the God of Luck to get these stats together, but they are all well worth it. I suggest getting into this business only if you have a decent amount of funds and are mentally ready for many hours of randomness.

Keybinds & UI

Setting up your keybinds in Tera is essential, there is no more space for clickers here so let's see a few ways to let the new players adapt.

First of all you want to make 1 or 2 new keybinds a day and exercise as much as possible during that day in order to let your muscles memorize that action. You have to get to the point where if you need to use a specific spell you will automatically and instantly use it by pressing it's key without any sort of delay, this come with practice and muscle memory, so if you need more than a day 1 per 1 new keybind then take your time. Some players like to just keybind all their spells or almost all and then start learning from there, personally that's the method that I used when I first started playing MMOs.

At the beginning your keybinds will be set to default, in order to change and set a different keybind you just have to press "O" and then go to the "Shortcuts" tab. Once you get there just click on the box of the respective key that you want to bind and set it. I recommend going with the first method I explain to learn your first few keybinds at the start and slowly progress. Also, if you are not confident in your gameplay then just take your time and kill random mobs, exercise your keys, try different combinations until everything feels comfortable and normal for you.

Some keybinds suggestions:
Personally I use a variety of Q, E, R, C, V, Z, X, 1, 2, 3, 4, F1, F2 with the Shift and CTRL modifiers. Modifiers are essentially 3 keys from whom you can create combinations with the other I list before, this means you can have different keybinds like for exmaple Shift+1 or CTRL+E. You want to use modifiers in order to increase the amount of abilities you can use from a key that is near your hand's reach, like for example the keys I list above are all in easy reach of my left hand and they are also very easy to reach when accompanied with a modifier, which in my case is either Shift or CTRL.

Ok now that we got that sorted let's see about our UI ( User Interface ). In Tera we are all very fortunate to be able to customize it so much. Usually in an UI you want to go for something minimalist and easy to check-on. Down below you can see how I set up my UI so it can give you an idea. I just want to mention also than every UI is personal and thus you should create your own UI that fit your playstyle. My only major recommendation is to keep the everything in close reach of your eye sight so you can always have a general idea of everything that is happening around you.

Also a small tip: If you go to the Options - UI menu Tab you will be able to find a few tweaks & gadgets for your Interface. I would recommend you all to play around with those settings a bit and discover anything that could be interesting for you. For example from there I lowered my UI scale and I added 1 extra bar that is movable and that shows my spells' CD timers.

Factions & Reputation

In Tera, as well as in other MMOs, there are different groups of NPCs divided in Factions. The system around which these Factions work is similar to what you have encountered before in the past years in games like World of Warcraft and such.

Each Faction provides you with different perks and in order to access these perks you need to farm/grind reputation with that specific Faction. Raising your reputation is relatively easy, it can be done through killing normal monsters or BAMs, it can be done by completing daily quests and completing the normal yellow quests in the area of that particular Faction you want to raise your reputation with ( keep in mind that those quests are not repeatable and once you have done them all you will have to start doing dailies ).

At the moment you can obtain 3 types of rings, 1 type of earring, different types of crystals and some vanity items from all the Factions available. So let's see which Faction interests us most as Lancers.

is a link with all the Factions and their perks.

By taking a quick look at the link I posted above we can see that we mainly need to start farming reputation with the Invalesco and the Valsekyr Hunt Factions. The main perks we need and can obtain are the high item level earring from the Invalesco and the +aggro ring from the Valsekyr Hunt. Along these first very important perks we can get the green crystals which can be used in the earrings/rings sockets.

These are all very important upgrades and I strongly suggest everyone to start farming for their reputation.

[NOTE]: I did not include green glyphs in the guide as they are not yet in the game. Will update everything as soon as they will be.

You are free to copy, share and rewrite the guide as long as you mention the original author.
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  • 100px-Aman-emblem-notext.png
  • 100px-Popori-emblem-notext.png
  • 100px-Baraka-emblem-notext.png
  • 100px-Human-emblem-notext.png
  • 100px-Highelf-emblem-notext.png
  • 100px-Castanic-emblem-notext.png
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Thursday, May 10th 2012, 8:14am


-1v1 PVP
-Group PVP


Tera's combat system, as you should already know, is based on a mechanic called TrueActionCombat. This mechanic brings a lot of fun for everyone and a lot of room for the better players to prove their worth. It is almost like playing and FPS ( First Person Shooter ) game with just more keys to press and a Health/Mana bar to look for. Let's see how things are going for the Lancer class in the PVP scenario.

First of all let's split up PVP into 1v1 and group PVP since the gameplay varies between the two.

1v1 PVP

This is our PVP land, where we are considered OP by the majority. For a Lancer 1v1 is a test to see whether you know your class and it's strong points or not.

The basics behind 1v1 PVP are pretty simple: survive and slowly kill the enemy. That said let's see what exactly we need to do in order to survive and then to slowly kill the enemy.

Our main surviving skills will obviously be Stand Fast together with Iron Will. Just like for tanking Bosses you need to learn the attack animations of the enemy player and be ready to block them every time. In theory it sounds like a simple and good plan, but let's not forget that we have to actually kill the enemy and just blocking his attacks won't lead us to that. In order to do some damage we will have to lower our shield and thus expose ourselves to the enemy so here is where Iron Will comes in. Try to time your attacks with Iron Will so that you can always keep your HP higher than your opponent's. Now that we have settled this simple and basic plan let's get more specific with a glyph build.

Here is a link to simple basic surviving build for 1v1s. Keep in mind this game is very much based on personal playstyle and thus some of you might not agree with the glyph build that I made judging from my experiences.

There is no reason to explain the glyph build I posted above since I as already said it's mainly based on personal preferences, but let's see which glyphs are somewhat essential for PVP in an 1v1 scenario:

[LEFT]-Glyph of Warding: Increase maximum damage absorbed by 25% with Iron Will.
Pretty obvious glyph pick, absorbing more damage keeps us longer in that safe zone that we want to be in throughout the fight.

-Glyph of Resounding & Glyph of Energy: Increase the effect duration of Shield Bash by 50% and decreases it's cooldown by 25%.
This is a very strong and well accepted by the majority glyph combo. It will offer you a much higher control over the enemy player and thus drastically increase your effectiveness against him in a either an offense or defense scenario. Be sure not to miss it, I recommend slowing or pulling with Leash first in order to guarantee more the success of Shield Bash.

-Glyph of Energy & Glyph of Fleetfoot: Decrease cooldown by 20% on Charging Lunge and increase combat movement speed by 10 for 7 seconds after it's use.
These two glyphs paired up are extremely good since you would have extra 10 movement speed up all the time and only 8 second cooldown Charge ability. Nothing will ever escape you.

-Glyph of Lingering: Increase the effect duration of Menacing Wave by 50%.
This is a very useful glyph mainly against melee classes, the attack speed debuff and speed debuff will give you a noticeable control over them and will lower their damage income by a lot.

-Glyph of Slowing: Increase slowing effect of Lockdown Blow by 30%.
This is a very useful glyph against the more mobile classes to stay on their own pace.

Now that we have a basic and simple 1v1 PVP glyph build we should start getting to the action!
As we already said we want to minimize damage taken and stick to our enemy in order to slowly kill him. We got how to minimize damage, so let's see how to get a kill off. Most classes will kite you until they can burst/stun/knock back you or just DoT ( Damage over Time ) you up and then kite you to death so you want to prevent that with the many tools we have available.
Shield Barrage will be usually our opening move against most targets, but not as much for it's damage as instead for it's ability to move us in the direction of the attack and it's chance to stun the target. If you get a stun proc you will then have access to a few different actions, like for example do a safe Shield Bash or cast Menacing Wave. Always remember to have either a slow debuff on the target, a stun or to keep up the speed buff from the Fleetfoot Glyph in order to keep up with your target at all times, but try not to have them stacked since that would only be a waste of cooldowns. Don't try to overextend yourself too much with doing damage, but instead try to be as annoying as you possibly can with Lockdown Blow, Menacing Wave, Leash, ecc.. Outlasting and sticking to your enemy is key.

Group PVP

Group PVP is a fun playground for us Lancers since we don't really have to care much about anything else than being as annoying as possible. Usually we will be assigned by our group to stick to the enemy team's Healer or High DamadeDealer in order to help our team score a kill.

If you are assigned against the enemy Healer then you will have to prevent him as much as possible from throwing a heal, but not just randomly. You will need good communication with your team in order to score a kill and thus synchronizing a complete lockdown from you on the enemy Healer with some high damage burst on one of the enemy team's member from your group will be a key factor for success. Try to glue yourself to your target with the help of your slows and your Leash in order be able to stun the healer when needed and thus give your team a easy kill.
If you are instead assigned to ''annoy'' an enemy team's High DamageDealer then just stun/slow him freely without however overlapping your CC ( Crowd Control ). If you can identify his Hard Hitting Spell animations then by all means stun him at those points instead of doing it randomly. In general just try to be as annoying as possible and prevent them from doing as much damage as they should.

Usually we won't get targeted much in team fights since we can just block or escape with ease, but instead we will get CCed a lot with sleeps and such from the enemy team and at that point we can only wait for a dispel from our beloved healer. Try to avoid these CCs or block them if you can so you can continue on your duty.

Doing damage should be the last of your considerations both because we would waste mana that otherwise could go into being more annoying and because we do little damage, but if you are in a situation where that extra little damage of yours will grant your team a kill then my all means go for it.
Again here as for 1v1s use Shield Barrage as often as you can for it's chance to stun and for it's ability to move you forward.

Let's see now a bigger aspect of Group PVP, and that is those massive GvGs. During these large scale battles we will usually be in the Front Line, slowly pushing against the enemy Guild and absorbing as much damage as possible. Normally in this position we want to keep our Shield up and refresh it after every big taken, but if you see any careless enemy it's good to pull then with Leash so that your allies can make a quick work of him. If your guild succeeds into breaching the enemy lines then it's time for you to start spamming those CC abilities, like for example Menacing Wave and Lockdown Blow. I also recommend to always give a quick look around for the opposing GM since he is worth more points in GvG. Don't try to overextend tho, it can be fatal if not planned accurately.

This is a good glyph build that will help you perform your duty as best as possible in team fights.

Let's see a few key glyphs that will make a big difference in Group PVP.

-Glyph of Slowing: Increase slowing effect of Lockdown Blow by 30%.
This is a very important glyph if we want to stick to our designated targets and prevent them from doing their normal job.

-Glyph of Lingering: Increase the effect duration of Menacing Wave by 50%.
This glyph is simply amazing in group PVP if you manage to hit more than 1-2 enemies with it. Not only will it help you to stick to your assigned target with easy, but it will also disturb the rest of the enemy team and thus help your team even more in scoring a kill. I really recommend it.

-Glyph of Resounding & Glyph of Energy: Increase the effect duration of Shield Bash by 50% and decreases it's cooldown by 25%.
These two glyphs will allow your team to score a kill, either by locking down a healer and thus allowing your group to get a kill on someone else or just by holding still a low HP target in order to finish him off. It's a really important glyph combo to have and I recommend it a lot.


-Red: 1 x Fleetfoot Crux, 2 x Brilliant Crux and 1 x Salivating Crux ( regenerates MP when attacking a player ). Obviously if you have the "Fine" version ( the "Fine" version is a rare and better type which drops from dungeons ) you can use that. The Fleetfoot Crux will just bring you on par with the rest as far as it goes for combat movement speed since everyone else is using it, or if you are lucky you might even get a nice advantage against those without it. The 2 Brilliant Crux crystals are just a solid build for every type of PVP in a general view. You have to acknowledge that usually PVP fights are almost only mana fights and this point is extremely accurate for Lancers, especially since we need mana to block and to keep Iron Will up. So, considering this point, it comes natural to want a Salivating crystal in our build.

-Blue: 3 x Relentless Crux ( increase maximum HP ) and 1 Grieving Crux ( regenerates MP when attacked by a player ). Obviously if you have the "Fine" version ( the "Fine" version is a rare and better type which drops from dungeons ) you can use that. Having 1 Grieving Crux is, like I said above, just natural in order to not suffer any type of mana problems during a fight. On the other hand the 3 Relentless crystals will just grant you an additional big chunk of HP and thus increase your longevity during any type of PVP scenario.

-Green: 4 x Relentless Zyrk ( increase maximum HP by 1781 ). Obviously if you can then buy the "Pristine" version which adds 2404 HP instead. Again here as for the Blue crystals it's safe to just go for Relentless crystals and increase our longevity in any PVP scenario.

These crystal builds are general overall good builds, but depending on your role or type of PVP scenario, you might need a specific build that will help you in that specific case.

[NOTE]: I did not include green glyphs in the guide as they are not yet in the game. Will update everything as soon as they will be.

You are free to copy, share and rewrite the guide as long as you mention the original author.[/LEFT]



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Thursday, May 10th 2012, 8:15am


Patch 1.0.29 :

With this latest patch Threatening crystals can correctly be stacked. This doesn't mean you can stack the effect! You can equip 4 of them but you would only get the effect of one. This has been confirmed by a GM.

Useful suggestions :


Problem - ''there seems to be a bug with using shield counter and not being able to shield when you right click.For me it happens when I'm holding down right mouse button and then press space bar to shield counter. It puts me into a state where right clicking will kind of jerk the shield up, but not actually block.
I've taken to using shield counter, then debilitate, then blocking. Or you can just wait 2 seconds after shield counter before reblocking.''

Solution - ''I had this same issue and I actually found a resolution to fix this issue.

When your blocking and then using shield counter, let go of the block button while shield-countering. When the animation for SC is over you'll be able to block instantly again.
Block --> SC--> Let go of block --> SC animation over --> block again.''

Consider that Stand Fast has actually a Cooldown so time your attacks and blocks around that, otherwise you risk full exposure.


This is a nice little list of icons that will help you understand what's happening around you.

From GamezTown

This is just a small fast tip that some of you might not know.

When Bosses have aggro on you, you will have a red circle underneath yourself, when the circle turn purple it means he is casting something on you.

From Reddit

Here is a good read that I would recommend to all Lancers. It will give you an idea of the true potential of Debilitate.

From Youtube - TERACastCommunityCA

Here you can find a video proving that Threatening crystals do not stack. Huge props to TeraCA for doing this.

You are free to copy, share and rewrite the guide as long as you mention the original author.
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Thursday, May 10th 2012, 11:32am

You shouldn't go telling people that Glyph of Threat [Challenging Shout] is essential because that is just not true. Challenging shout is pretty much exclusively used on the pull and you really don't need 20% aggro boost then, further I have never seen a situation where one unlgyphed challenging shout wasn't enough to regain lost aggro. And it costs 6 glyph points as well. That is just so much of a waste I cannot recommend anyone to use it.

If you plan on making a PvP section: here are the glyphs you absolutely must cover:
Glyph of Fleetfoot [Charging Lunge] <- This is pretty much the best glyph in the lancer repertoire.
Both Glyphs for [Iron Will] <- yes, it's that awesome in PvP! (seriously, try it)
Glyph of Energy [Second Wind] <- obvious glyph is obvious

Glyph of Lingering [Debilitate] is shite in PvP, so that's a nice six points you can spend on any damage increasing glyph.

You could probably make good use of Glyph of Lingering [Menacing Wave] but I haven't tried it yet so I am not too sure about this one.

And for PvP, I'd definitely switch the fourth weapon crystal to one of them runspeed crystals.

The key (well, A key) is: Get as high runspeed as you can. And make the enemies runspeed as low as you can (which is why I believe in Menacing Wave, but as I mentioned, I am still not sure how good it is to glyph as I haven't given it a proper testing yet)

Also the obvious tip that cannot be mentioned enough. Lancer is unplayable without collision detection: Never duel in safe zones.

EDIT: You give a good explanation on how threat works, mention how you can't stack it up once and for all in the beginning, but then you proceed to tell us that you use both Challenging Shout and chained leash to pull bosses. Contradiction and major waste of mana? Do one of the threat builders and hit him with your stick instead.
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Thursday, May 10th 2012, 12:07pm

Hey, thanks for replying and for your feedback.
Ok so I use Glyph of Threat [Challenging Shout] mainly for the Trash/Adds parts where I usually find myself spamming it after moving a few steps away from the mob's range every time it's off CD. Also I didn't say or didn't want to say it was essential, but just a really useful glyph considering the points I just mentioned.

Now regarding my Shout and Leash pull I do that for a very simple and logic reason: As I said Threat constantly resets so after my shout I need to get in position, once I get in position I use Leash to make sure to have aggro until the Boss will actually hit me and I will be able to use a Counter Block. As far as I saw from my dungeon experiences bosses are always in the middle from which you have to move them to another designated position. Also the reason I don't pull directly with shout from that designated position is simply because the range is too low so I have to do this kind of pull.

Also thanks again for the feedback on the PVP part, I will start working on it soon ( spent basically all night for this first bit ).

EDIT: Most likely I didn't explain the glyph part and the pulling part well enough so I will rework it today.



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Thursday, May 10th 2012, 12:43pm

Looking forward to seeing the PvP part. A suggestion: In the skills list that you did, it would be nice to see a description of all skills from a PvP point of view adding to the current skill description.

20 - Onslaught: Rush your foe in a series of lunges. While lunging, you're steadier on your feet and take half damage.
In all honesty I did not found a purpose for this ability as of yet. It doesn't do anything special that other abilities couldn't do better, for example I could do more damage and therefore threat with a Shield Barrage - Spring Attack combo than with this in the same amount of time. You can use this ability to escape moments where you get trapped in a trash pack if your Charge is on CD and that's about it.
Same situation as in above. It is generally even worse in PvP because your opponents will actively avoid it, and it is very easy to see and avoid. Could be useful on knocked down opponents but only the last three hits in the move does any mentionable damage and even a knocked down or stunned opponent is likely to get up and be able to avoid those hits. In the case of a knocked down opponent, spring attack is usually a better option. Could be useful in group situations where there is usually a lot more confusion and disorientation
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Thursday, May 10th 2012, 1:07pm

Thanks for the suggestions once again. Yes I was planning to add the PVP part on the first "Reserved" post. Also I will do what you just said and add a PVE and PVP description for all the spells.

p.s. Onslaught would still be useless imo for PVP even on knocked down targets. You would always have something better than that off CD to use, heck even Menacing Wave would be a better choice tbh.



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Thursday, May 10th 2012, 1:13pm

First of all, good guide, thanks for putting it together :)

Concerning onslaught, you get better use of it, if you glyph it correct.

Exampel: if you use 3 glyphs in Shield Bash (Linging, Energy and Acceleration) you get a very fast onslaught right after Shield Bash.
If you then also use glyph Onslaught: power, you get both fast and powerfull damage, while getting less risk of getting knockdown(if mob resist Shield Bash).

So a suggestion to a rotation would could be
Shield Bash -> Onslaught -> Shield Barrage x2 -> Spring attack.....
That should be possible to do within the 6s stun from the Shield Bash.

It cost some glyph points, that you could use elsewhere. I'm not saying its better, but just want to give an exampel where combination of glyph choice and adjusting rotations, will make a noticable difference :)
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Thursday, May 10th 2012, 1:23pm

Good idea! Thanks for the suggestion. So much work.. :D

p.s. I think that sort of combination would be good for PVP since for PVE you don't really need that few extra damage. If you keep a rotation of Block - Counter - Debilitate - Barrage/Spring you should be way more than ok.


Thursday, May 10th 2012, 4:16pm

After Shield Bash, proceed with Spring Attack and THEN use Onslaught, 25% faster cast will still apply.
Onslaught useless? It has the highest amount of Power of all the Lancer skills, 25% faster cast has already been mentioned.
If I may include green Glyphs - Glyph of Dexterity for Leash should provide Lancer with considerable Burst:
Leash > Shield Bash > Spring Attack (> maybe even Debilitate) > Lockdown Blow > Onslaught should all be doable while the 40% increased Attackspeed (!!) is in effect.

What I forgot to add:
3x Mpreg crystals are a solid choice, but if you get Infused Charms from a special vendor you wont be depending on those any more - better use a 1x fleetfoot 1x +krit against enraged 1x threatening 1x mpreg combination imo.
As for the skills, Pledge of protection will always reduce damage taken by 35% - theres no such thing as increasing this value by stacking more dmg-reduce on the Lancer.
+HP-Crystals are worse than %-reduced Damage from normalsized/boss- monsters, maybe even worse than %-reduced dmg vom enraged targets - in case the Mobs deal more damage than your shield can absorb it will increase your effective Hitpoints more than a plain HP-increase - if you can block all of the incoming damage it will lessen the amount of mana needed to block by a bit. And lastly, if you don't block an attack it will reduce the damage taken, lessening the burden on the healer.



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Thursday, May 10th 2012, 6:46pm

Hey, thanks for the feedback and for posting!
I heard about green glyphs, but some people said that we can't get them yet so I didn't include them. If you could help me on a list for all of them and how to obtain them I would be more than glad to add it here to the guide!
I'm sorry but I fail to understand at which point in any fight I would want to use that rotation, it really seems long. What I mean is that I would be taking unnecessary damage from the Boss by doing it. I'm not sure the stun at the start will be enough. Maybe it could be a good rotation for like when you want to burst a boss and you enrage him ( while a DPS stuns him ) and then you go with this. Anyway I will try it.
I like the idea of the crystals, I'll see to have my group use Infused Charms and I'll try those crystals.
Pledge of Protection quote : "Your defense determines how much damage you take". By reading that I assumed that that 35% would mean a higher amount of damage absorbed if you have more defense. If I am wrong ( please re-confirm that I am wrong if I am ) I will change it ASAP in the description.
I didn't exactly understood what you suggested with the blue crystals tbh, except that everything is bad o.O Would you mind to explain yourself again and to give me an alternative if you have one.


Friday, May 11th 2012, 12:20am

The rotation I described should be viable in pve but bursting a target is more important in pvp imo. It might seem long but those 40% attackspeed will shorten it so it will fit into the 6 second timeframe of Shield Bash, by the way, Onslaught got a pretty high chance of knockdown in pvp from what I've seen so far so it won't really matter if it doesn't fit into the 6 second stun from Shieldbash as you will oftentimes knock your target down before that anyways.

Quoted from "danto"

"Your defense determines how much damage you take"

It only applies to the absorbed damage that you yourself will take.

As for the blue crystals, I just meant to say that plain HP-stacking is bad in pve, %-reduced Damage from normal/boss-sized monsters is the way to go - for the reasons I listed before.



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Friday, May 11th 2012, 12:50am

Hey! First of all I have tested Onslaught with the 2 white glyphs and it's actually really nice, I also noticed it can knock back bosses o.O! So for now I will stick with it. I will have to see how to get those green glyphs and I will go for sure with the Dexterity one for Leash.

English is not my mother language so I missunderstood that, but I got it now. And yes Reduced damage crystals are the way to go. The reason I was keeping those HP crystals was just as insurance ( 9k extra HP is pretty good and can save you in different occasions from fails ).

Will add all this to the guide tonight. Many thanks again! Also any other Lancer who wishes to contribute with knowledge and experience please do so! :)



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Friday, May 11th 2012, 2:45am

Any thoughts on HP regen crystals?



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Friday, May 11th 2012, 3:10am

Personally I have tried and used them while leveling up ( I solo leveled ) and found them very useful in that context. Now at level 60 they are pretty bad both for PVE and PVP. In PVE you should not even take damage and if you do take damage then that will be a big chunk of your HP bar which will be replenished fast by the healer. For PVP you just want to use PC damage reduction crystals.


Friday, May 11th 2012, 5:16am

Link to your Glyph build doesnt work mate just saying!
when i click it i end up on a russian website were there is a glyph build thingy but not an actuall build.



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Friday, May 11th 2012, 5:51am

Fixed! And thanks ;)


Friday, May 11th 2012, 6:18am

Personally, in my own opinon, in PvP standings, the glyphs that I used are: Glyph of the Resounding (Increases effect duration by 50%.) [This is to increase the timing for stuns which I successfully land on my enemy. The timing is 7 seconds and that's alot of time for your group mate to bash the enemy up. I got QQ-ed before by an outlaw for the hax stun I did to him. For PvE, it's also useful as bosses get stuns as well and the timing is 7 seconds]. Glyph of Lingering (Increases effect duration by 50%.) [It increases the effect of 'slowness' to your enemy for 5-6 seconds]. Both Iron's will glyph are favourable too in PvP context. It absorbs and increases the time of the skill effect. Infuriate's glyph (Glyph of slowing) Opponent's speed is decreased by 50% for 5 seconds. Another good glyph for PvP.


Friday, May 11th 2012, 9:35am

you cant get green glyphs yet, its another of the many NYI features of our glorious western version, in development for over 2 years



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Friday, May 11th 2012, 9:51am


Actually that skill hasn't a "total amount of damage blocked for any instance of [BLOCK]"
So you CAN press one time bloack and assorb infinite blows.
I have done that a couple of time...bad group in SM and CR: dumb healer and dps died and I was forced to wait them back, after resurrecting at town. I just stayed there keeping a finger on standfast and waited. 1 block many blows.
The amount of damage is referred to the max damage every single blow that the shield can handle. So sometimes when boss crits the damage goes over the max allowed by the shield and you get hit.
Last thing: blocking assorbs your mana, and if you finish your mana blocking you will get automatically knocked down :)

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