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Sunday, September 1st 2013, 3:11pm

Tera Patcher Stuck at 92% - Retrieving Manifest

Hey there guys,

i got a little problem with my tera installation. I just downloaded it (well, last night) and let it download/patch all night long. In the morning the game stopped at 84% download because my HDD was full. After i cleared up some stuff, i restarted the patcher and it checked the download, started downloading, as usual. Then suddenly (some time later) it was applying the patch and then got stuck at 92% - Retrieving Manifest.

I checked my taskmanager just in case the progress bar was stuck and the process still was working but well, here are 2 screenshots i took from that.

Any ideas what i could do now? I restarted the patcher and am waiting for it to hit 92% again.

Spoiler Spoiler

Spoiler Spoiler

here are some extra logfiles i created with tera launcher -debug…t.developer.log…d.developer.log…r.developer.log…r.developer.log

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