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Saturday, October 5th 2013, 7:42pm

Best Race for a Slayer ???????/

i am new here and i loved to play with slayer so,
i need advice from players played with slayer if is he good in Boss hunt and pvp
and which Race is the better one for A slayer THX

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:



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Saturday, October 5th 2013, 9:49pm

Either popori/elin for smaller hitbox, human for the less knockdown race ability or castanic for more critical rate @ back
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Saturday, October 5th 2013, 10:39pm

female high elf for bigger breasts
castanic female for best body, and costumes.

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Saturday, October 5th 2013, 11:40pm

I would suggest castanic...for the back crit rate and awesome looking end game armor. I regret making my archer a human...however i have castanic slayer and the armors are just awesome...
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Sunday, October 6th 2013, 6:32am

I'd say race skills are pretty much useless in this game, so go on and choose the one you like the most. Exceptions are Elins and Poporis with their small hitboxes, but who would want to play as little Japanese girl or furry bear/rabbit/dog/cat mutation. :D

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Sunday, October 6th 2013, 9:08am

aman and human... pick characters you like and not be the best


Sunday, October 6th 2013, 11:20am

Dont trust them, the Popori is the best choise, I'll proff you :


Sunday, October 6th 2013, 1:51pm

Female High Elf in swimsuit of course.


Sunday, October 6th 2013, 9:57pm

Castanic male leather looks badass, but seeing a little panda with an oversized blade is hilarious :lol:




Monday, October 7th 2013, 10:31pm

Dont trust them, the Popori is the best choise, I'll proff you :

HueHeu the awesome flying barrel roll xD. Popori slayer to good.


Wednesday, October 9th 2013, 6:25pm

Only Daltonians people take castanics male. Everyone in TERA cannot understand their inner beauty.



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Wednesday, October 9th 2013, 6:47pm

They're too metrosexual...
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Wednesday, October 9th 2013, 7:01pm

unless they dont have a tail...


Tuesday, November 5th 2013, 6:19pm

New Slayer, The | Vub Team _Vm


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Wednesday, November 6th 2013, 11:58am

Hello! Please, stop spamming and follow the theme of the thread

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Thursday, November 7th 2013, 9:24am

I would say probably Castanic female - they look badass, 2nd smallest hitbox, crit rate from back and it seems like they are hitting HT easier then some other races(in PvP, if you cant hit HT in PvE...uninstall TERA). I guess the HT hitting is about practice but it looks like some races have to aim into different spots then others...
Honestly i think the advantages between races are soo small that you should just pick what you like most beacuse you wont be gimped if you choose elf over castanic or whatever....


Thursday, November 7th 2013, 12:31pm

Easiest for hitting HT is Human male, also all animations are good and thus combos easier to land, that is if you want to pvp competitively, castanic female looks good, thats true. :crazy:
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Friday, November 8th 2013, 11:30am

Castanic male has the longest range in attacks comparable to the elin lancer thing. Google for tera melee comparison and you should find a video for all melee classes and races


Tuesday, November 12th 2013, 2:31pm

I made high elf female slayer today. Armors are cool. But I not satisfied with it... Animations are slow and sometimes I feel laggy when rolling. I don't know if this will be better on later levels with more attack speed.. I already have castanic, human and elin so I wanted to try elf. They are just weird..


Tuesday, November 12th 2013, 3:18pm


You don't have to thank me for posting this screenshot-snippet. Roll an Elin, accept your individual master race and I will be happy!
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