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Tuesday, January 28th 2014, 11:11am


So I'm doing nightforge pvp set and I wanted to ask,
What's the better way to do it? Should I create vm and then nt?
Or should I buy the bloodrave and then make nt?

I'm doing lots of Kumas and CS for it so I wonder is it easy to gather so much killing spree credits
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Tuesday, January 28th 2014, 11:16am

Go for vm is faster. I mean br weapon needs 20k points, even if you can easily get to 1.6k rating 20k points is too much! xD

Maybe boots and gloves from br, they are 4k points each.

And no it´s nowhere easy to get 64k for weapon, i think 48k for chest and idk how much for the other pieces atm.

I nearly got my twin swords. I´ll build nothing out of br, only gloves, because i already have gloves from b4 the last gear patch. But i don´t think i wanna be able to reach 1.8k rating anyway. So yeh i´ll build nothing out of br.

But also i am a pvp/e player i do both and i can do mchm more or less asleep. You may need to train mchm first, then idk if it´s worth it for you to first have to find a group and then maybe have to wait some runs until you get your quills.
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Tuesday, January 28th 2014, 11:45am

Getting the points with the new alliance System is easy. Its harder to farm those membranes.. or buy them.. (400k gold alone for Weapon...)
If it wouldnt be for the membranes, i would have my vm2 pvp weapon long ago, but not everyone likes to spam lot..



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Tuesday, January 28th 2014, 11:46am

But yesterday 3v3 premade was pretty active, meaning 1 invite every 5min for some unknown reason o.O. Was q´ing for like 1 hour at the evening.

And that with different groups and deffinitely no wintraders! All had like 1-1.3k rating. And all played seriously and not that bad! o.O We where undefeated but nvm!

Hope dies last! Maybe it will be possible to reach 1.8k on de-server-pool somewhen! o.O Maybe GF will merge server-pools somewhen... Nobody knows!

I´ll keep trying :) But with only the weapon, i am already happy with my gear :3, so i´ll just keep doing 3s solo and premade 4 fun and maybe either getting the chest or if something unexpected happens, then the gloves. Yeh i am probably dreaming ... -.-

Then don´t spam lot. I get support from my guild (and i am very thankful for that :3). They help me farming invisible bams. And killing the bam-stick bams is more or less a guild event for us! lol Some give me commom membranes they dropped for free and i´ll just do the same when someone is close to get his weapon or whatever! 27 common membranes = 1 supperior.
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Tuesday, January 28th 2014, 1:18pm

Moved to the correct section. :thumbup:

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