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Tuesday, January 28th 2014, 8:18am

There's nothing with Avatar's marketing strategy, because, mostly players at max level will spend money for game.

Btw.....Avatar Weapon don't make a player "too good" in leveling. It's help a bit only. Spamming skills won't make you PRO. Learn to use the skills is the key. Doesn't matter how long the leveling can be, if the player don't know how to utilize the skills, still nothing wrong with Avatar weapon.

Don't blame Avatar Weapon....if you say, short leveling create noob should ask GF to ,make leveling harder by increasing total EXP per level. So that you need 4 months to reach max level.


Tuesday, January 28th 2014, 7:46pm

U need to explain me how does making newbies save money for lategame gear due to having avatar weapons can be called ruining an economy. Not that newbies dont have spend money enchantign weapons and can level faster u'll have an higher ammount of persons at higher lvl u'll have more farmers and dungeon runers. in the end this will probably boost the economy. And to be honest i was quite effing tired of watching Sinestral manor gear at 1k in the trade broker i mean like. At lvl 60 u can farm that instance in 3 minutes and it has a high drop rate for the lategame armors and those newbies that bought tera club and got the stronghold keys were kinda baited into buying lvl 27 gear for 1k gold PER piece. I think these weapons will actually boost the lategame population and to be honest this will actually be a good implement to the game since the new class requires u to have a lvl 50 to be made and some new players might only be interested in tera due to that class and they'll have a change to try it without having to suffer the endless grinding that tera lvling is.


Tuesday, January 28th 2014, 8:59pm

Game begins at 60 whatever happens before good or bad has nothing to do with the actual game

Pretty much this.

There is nothing to do from 1-59

Actually, same on 60.


Wednesday, January 29th 2014, 7:02pm

Man, I wouldn't have rerolled a new class anymore without those weapons. I think leveling in tera was a pain , especially for higher levels. Mobs mobs mobs that take decades to decrease their hp... I'm not sure if I'm too spoiled but it was not a nice leveling experience because it's always the same. Also I love leveling different classes, it's an important part of gaming for me.

Now with the new weapons there comes a little bit of motivation, I'm always happy to wait for the next weapon to upgrade.
Sure it's marketing but it doesn't change the fact that the leveling experience was annoying in tera and now slightly better.


Wednesday, January 29th 2014, 7:08pm

Well yeah the weapons are nice for alts but that's not the point of the thread.

For a new player, leveling is fun mostly, unless you don't care at all about reading quests or trying to immerse yourself with your character. Obviously those "power levelers" will want to do it asap.


Wednesday, January 29th 2014, 8:39pm

I'm sorry but what story? The only quests that actually have a story are the res quests and i dont know if i missed something but i didnt get to lvl 60 by only doing redquests. Also questing is boring cuz it makes u use the same skills over and over again 2 kill trash mobs that dont even fight back. And some1 proposed me something, U wanna kill trash mobs and lvl fast or u wanna kill trash mobs run around in a slow a$$ mount doing backtracking like heck and lvl 5 times slower? I asked him how to lvl up fast and he told me to kill certain mobs that gives huge ammounts of xp GOOD crystals that u could sell on TB and make some money ACTUAL gold and it would make u train ur class on how to survive cuz to be honest when doing quests ur survivabily is peaked at the max where u'll never reach again at lvl 60. At least due to power lvling i was able to test my char limits. I knew when i had to start running around waiting for potions CD or when i simply had to run away from an aoe. TL:DR power lvling teachs u ALOT more than questing does. If u wanna know the story of tera simply do the red quests cuz all the other quests and mostly abt killing 10 trash mobs picking up 5 flowers and run threw a whole city to talk to an npc that will make u talk to the first npc once u speak to it. Tera questing system is PURE TRASH.


Wednesday, January 29th 2014, 8:47pm

Story doesn't have to be epic to immerse yourself in the world with your char.

In fact, if it's every time epic even for small camps, it's ridiculous and exaggerated. Like there's some yellow quests about a dead family member so you avenge him by killing some mobs, that's a "story" too.

Mobs don't fight back? Oh I get it now. Playing ranged class, no wonder it's boring xD Ranged classes always boring as heck in PvE I don't get why people play them for that.

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